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ANTI-CHAVEZ HATE SITE The hatred of the Venezuelan ruling and middle classes for Chavez and the Bolivarian process knows no bounds. Check out this site organised by upper and middle class women, the same women who banged their pots against Allende in Chile - Chavez has 'drowned the country in blood', 'Venezuela is living through terrible times' etc etc. You don't have to read Spanish to get the gist.                




August 31: Michael A. Lebowitz - The Social Economy and the Bolivarian revolution (The Bullet)
August 31: US accused of bid to oust Chavez with millions of dollars in illegal funds
August 31: Caracas mayors engage in rhetorical fist fight (venezuelanalysis)
August 31: Micahel A. Lebowitz - The Social Economy and the Bolivarian revolution (The Bullet)
December 2: Guardian readers answer new slander against the Bolivarian revolution (Hands Off Venezuela campaign)
December 2: Dan la Botz - Snapshots of the Bolivarian revolution
November 27: Venezuela's Path - Michael Albert

October 2: Chavez withdraws all Venezuela reserves from US banks

October 2: 6th World Social Forum Expects 80,000 to go to Venezuela in January

The Party of Revolution and Socialism - interview with Stalin Perez Borges (IVP)

Venezuela: is socialism possible? -Rolf Bergkvist (IVP)

25 September: Advances and problems of the Venezualan process - Gregory Wilpert (GLW)

17 September; Philip Agee - How US intervention against Venezuela works

17 September: At the General Assembly, Chavez tells degegates that UN needs a revolution.

10 September: Venezuela seizes idle Heinz ketchup plant

10 September: US tries everything but can't slow Chavez

24 August: Venezuela's US ambassador on Pat Robertson's call to assassinate Chavez

19 August: Chavez calls for democracy at work

17 August: Venezuela Left Come Together (Socialist Worker US)

14 August:16th World Festival of Students and Youth – Chavez once again calls for socialism as the only way to destroy capitalism (Hands Off Venezuela)

10 August: Chavez reiterates -Socialism is the Only Way to destroy capitalism

29 July: New Left Party in Venezuela

18 July: Chavez says abandoned enterprises will be expropriated

24 June 05: Venezuelan government wins victory at ILO

22 June 05 : The Struggle to Reinvent Venzuelan Labour - Jonah Gindin (MR)
4 June: Land Reform Struggles in Venezuela - Christian Science Monitor
May 30 2005: Tens of thousands march for petroleum sovereignty, against Bush
May 30 2005: Richard Gott - Chavez leads the way
May 28 2005: Jonah Gindin - The Future of the Bolivarian Revolution
May 26 2005: Venezuela says transnational oil companies owe back taxes, have violated contracts

May 21: Venezuelan Workers Debate Workers Control of Industry and Government Enterprises

5 April: New Socialist Project Pamphlet: The Unexpected Revolution - the Venezuelan People Confront Neoliberalism - go to right hand column on linked page.

March 5 2005 - Chavistas on the Streets (venezuelanalysis.com)  

February 2005 :Chavez Closing Speech at World Social Forum