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Feb 7: The reckless greed of the few harms the future of the many - Will Hutton
Feb 6: Why I will not participate in the Turin book fair - Tariq Ali
Feb 2: Counter-insurgency in Chiapas
Feb 2: Huge Mexican march against Nafta
Part of the vast crowd of 200,00 workers, peasants and agricultural labourers who marched in Mexico City Thursday to demand the renegotiation of the of the North American Free Trade Agreement that has devastated Mexican agriculture in the interests of US agribusiness. They also demanded an end to attempts by fraudulently elected president Felipe Calderon to privatise the national social security institute (ISSST) and statised energy ompanies.
Feb 2: Francisco Louçã: Strategy of the Portugues Left Bloc
Feb 1: Attack on peace community in Colombia, Teo Ballvé (ZNet)
Feb 1: Kosovo: Waiting for War, Dreaming of Diplomacy (Diana Johnstone, ZNet)
Jan 31: Socialists and Ken Livingstone - Alan Thornett (Socialist Resistance)
Jan 28: New Link - 1968 and all that. An international conference and bookfair to celebrate the hopes and dreams of May 1968 - forty years after: Saturday, 10 May 2008, 10am - 10pm, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1
Jan 28: Global Warming and the Struggle for Justice - Brian Tokar, ZNet
Jan 28: How to avoid action on climate change (Ian Angus - Climate and Capitalism site)
Jan 28: Indianismo and Marxsim, the mismatch of two revolutionary traditions - Richard Fiddler, Links
Jan 27: New left party in France? Cuban newspaper article, plus interview with Daniel Bensaid and interventioln in LCR congress by Olivier Besancenot
Jan 27: Non-combatant deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan - the real 'surge' of 2007
Jan 27: Transforming culture one blockbuster at a time (Bill Berkowitz, ZNet)
Jan 25: Palestinians blast new holes in Egypt border wall
Jan 22: Pam Martens - How Wall Street blew itself up ($100bn and counting)
Jan 22: Venezuela debate - Alex Callinicos and Fred Fuentes
Jan 21: Extracted from Defeat: Jonathan Steele on the fiasco of the occupation of Iraq
Jan 21: Experts warn of stock market hysteria (der Spiegal)
Jan 21: London shares in biggest fall since 9/11
Jan 21: European and Asian stocks fall on US recession fears
Jan 21: Video - Decline of the Dollar - Decline of Empire? Round table discussion with Chris Rude and Scott Aquano (Socialist Project, Canada)
Jan 21: Subprime crisis causing African-Americans to suffer greatest loss of wealth in modern US history (Democracy Now!)
Jan 21: Video- Roundtable discussion - Mexico under Calderon (with Alejandro Alverez, Tom Marois and Hepzibah Munoz Martinez) - Socialist Project, Canada
Jan 21: Marx as Journalist - Jim Ledbetter
Jan 19: New on the Daily Life page - Inequality is closing down our concern for others
Jan 19: Pakistan collapsing under Musharaf: he has to go - Farooq Tariq
Jan 19: World Against War Demonstration (15 March London) - demonstrate for troops out - download leaflet pdf
Jan 19: People's Power in Venezuela - John Riddell
Jan 19: Chavez inaugurates first conference of new United Socialist Party of Venezuela
Jan 19: Northern Rock has exposed the reality of the free market - Seumas Milne
>>Jan 18: World Economy - Devastating Crisis Unfolds (Robert Brenner for ATC editors)
Jan 18: Robert Fisk - Bloody Reality bears no relation to the delusions of this president
Jan 18: The Taylorisation of academic labour
Jan 18: Last interview with Philip Agee
Jan 18: Philip Agee dies in Cuba
Jan 17: Reporters Without Frontiers against Hugo Chavez
Jan 15: Fourth International - Who we are (three languages)
Jan 14: After Bali, time for a different kind of climate politics - Ian Angus
Jan 13: Energy price increases, the new recession and the fightback - Socialist Resistance Steering Committee
Jan 7: Peter Boyle - Australian DSP conference confirms commitment to broad left regroupment
Jan 5: Alan Thornett: The SWP’s ever-increasing welter of allegations and distortions
Jan 5: Salma Yaqoob: The SWP takes a step backwards
Jan 5: Murray Smith - Broad Parties and Narrow Visions: the SWP and Respect
Jan 5: Chris Harman: The Crisis in Respect - the viewpoint of the Socialist Workers Party

Jan 4: 40 years ago this month - the Tet Offensive, decisive battle of the Vietnam war

Jan 3: Phil Hearse - Democratic Centralism and Broad Left Parties
Jan 3: Fear and Loathing in Bolivia - New Constitution, New Polarisation - Ben Dangl (Upside Down World)
Jan 2: Pakistan - Robert Fisk: They don't blame al-Qaida, they blame Musharraf
Jan 2: Pakistan, refusing to breakwith feudal traditions - Farooq Tariq
Jan 2: International Viewpoint, December issue - all 20 articles available in one pdf download
Jan 2: Bolivia at a new crossroads - Jeffery R. Webber
Jan 1: The failure of 2 December 2007 can be a powerful lever for improving the process currently unfolding in Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela - Éric Toussaint
Dec 30: Perry Anderson - Jottings on the Conjuncture (NLR)
Dec 30: New on the Ecosocialism page - Focus on Trade special issue on Bali Climate Change Conference (via Europe Solidaire san Frontieres)
Dec 30: Benazir Bhutto, daughter of the West: Tariq Ali
Dec 30: Gordon Childe and Marxist Archeology (International Socialism Journal)
Dec 30: Revolucion permanente contra el estado: El problema de la transición al comunismo en el pensamiento político de Lenin (pdf)
Barcelona Che meeting
Dec 30: Michel Löwy on Che Guevara (video - in Spanish)
Dec 28: Bhutto assassination: a product of military depotism and anarchy - Tariq Ali
Dec 28: Italian prosecutors issue warrants over Operation Condor
Dec 23: Boris Kagarlitsky: The strike at the Ford factory in Vsevolozhsk: A Draw for Ford but a Victory for All
acteal commemoration
Dozens of ceremonies were held Friday to commemorate the
1997 massacre of 46 indigenous peasants in Chiapas by
right-wing paramilitaries. Families of the those killed issued
a statement accusing the Mexican government of planning
the attack.
Dec 23: John Ross -Tens years after Acteal, new massacres loom in Mexico (Counterpunch)
Dec 23: EZLN's Marcos says he is withdrawing from public activities (AP)
Dec 23: Zapatistas building aliance with sex workers and transvestites
Dec 23: The Return of the Bread Riot
Dec 23: South Africa: Zuma, the Centre Left and the Left Left (Links online)
Dec 21: Naomi Klein: A decade after Acteal, war is again on Mexico's horizon
Dec 15: Tommy Sheridan arrested over libel case perjury
Dec 13: Freedom Lost - the terrible fate of many women in post-invasion Iraq
Dec 13: This crisis spells the end of the free market consensus - Seumas Milne
>>Dec 9: Click here to download first issue of Respect - pdf
Dec 9: Demonstrators across the world call for action to stop climate change catastrophe
climate change demo dec 2007
Dec 8: Photos - 15,000 march against climate change in London
Dec 7: James Petras: Post-mortem on Venezuela referendum
Dec 6: Chavez's revolution cannot stand still if it is to survive - Seumas Milne
Dec 4: The Referendum Defeat - what does it mean? Alan Woods
Dec. 4: Report from Caracas on Venezuela referendum - John Riddell and Susan Weiss
Dec 4: Venezuela after the referendum - Tariq Ali
Dec 3: Mexican sugar workers take over sugar mills
Dec 2: Pro-Constitutional Reform Closes Campaign with Massive Rally in Venezuela
Dec 2: The Battle for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela
Dec 2: The Dismantling of Yugoslavia: A Study in Inhumanitarian Intervention (and a Western Liberal-Left Intellectual and Moral Collapse)
Dec 1 : Appeal from striking workers at Ford factory, St Petersburg
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