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Articles from Dec 2007- 19 Jan 2008 are now in Archive 13 (left column)

March 29: Basra Assualt Threatens Iraqi Trade Unionists

March 25: Washington declares financial war on Iran - John McGlynn (Global Research)

March 25: The market no longer has all the answers - Financial Times

March 23: Pierre Rousset - In solidarity with the people of Tibet

March 23: Venezuela: revolution, party and a new international - Luis Bilbao

March 23: Israelis and Palestinians, Conflict and resolution - Moshe Machover

March 23: Daniel Tanuro - Carbon Trading, an ecosocialist critique (Climate and Capitalism)

March 23: KPRM PRD Indonesia - The struggle for a political alternative of the poor. (Document from one side of the split in the PRD Indonesia)

March 23: Indonesia - the struggle against underdevelopment, interview with Dita Sari (National Liberation Party of Unity - Papernas). Published in Green Left Weekly.

March 22: Leading to War (movie)

March 22: The folly of turning water into fuel - Stan Cox, AlterNet

March 22: Why Ecosocialism Today? - Joel Kovel

March 22: Ecology, Capitalism, and the Socialization of Nature: An Interview with John Bellamy Foster

March 22: John Bellamy Foster - Capitalism's ecological crisis, revolution is the only answer

March 22: Tariq Ali - 40 years on, where has all the rage gone?

March 21: Rossana Rossanda - the Comrade from Milan (NLR)

March 21: Battle for Haditha - information about the movie, trailers, multimedia from the Nick Broomfield site

March 21: Seumas Milne - Iraq: Blowback all over again (Guardian UK)

March 21: The Economic Crisis, the American Working Class, and the Left: The Situation Today and the Situation in 1930
by Dan La Botz

March 21: Speculative Onslaught. Crisis of the World Financial System: The Financial Predators had a Ball by F. William Engdahl (Global research)

March 21: A Vicious Circle ending in a Systemic Financial Meltdown (Mike Whitney, Global Research)

March 21: How the Iraq war is killing the US economy

March 21: London court rules in favour of Venezuela in dispute with Exxon (Upside Down World)

March 21: Video: The Rise of the Left Party in Germany (Socialist Project Canada). With Ingar Solty and Frank Deppe, introduced by Greg Albo.

March 21: History Calls for Broad Left Party (Socialist Worker, New Zealand)

March 16: Thousands join London anti-war march. Read about US demonstrations here and demonstrations in Canada here (plus video). For an assessment of the London demonstration read here. Also: Photos of demonstrations world wide (Sky News)

March 16: Widespread strikes in Greece against pension reform (Der Spiegal)

March 16: Neal Ascherson - Iraq: the War that Changed US. Veteran journalist Ascherson delivers a scathing account of how the war has affected British society and politics (New Statesman).

March 16: John Pilger lecture at University of Kent (video)

March 16: Audio - Reaction to Bush's veto of anti-torture bill (Guardian UK)

March 16 - Are modern women miserable? Vicki Haddock (AlterNet)

March 16: Kosovo - a just solution requires requires multinational co-existence

March 16: The Narrow Spectrum and Identity Politics: Obama’s “Puzzlement,” Invisible Primaries, and the Trivialization of U.S. Politics: Paul Street

March 10: Bolivia - Morales in Checked (Herve de Alto and Frank Poupeau, Counterpunch)

March 10: Images from the 6 March Sindicato Mexicano de Electricistas mass rally against electricity privatization in Mexico (Zocalo, Mexico City)


March 5: To blame the victims for this killing spree defies morality and sense - Seumas Milne on Gaza (Guardian UK)

March 4: Repression intensifies in Peru: an appeal from Hugo Blanco

March 3: Freedom Road Socialist Organization - The Life of the Party, thoughts on what we are trying to build. Get a printable pdf version of this article here.

March 3: Chavez warns of war with Colombia

March 3: Hugo Chavez: Colombia is the Israel of Latin America

March 3: Is a lean economy turning mean? (NY Times)

March 2: Nato's Kosovo colony - Diana Johnstone

March 2: Israeli defence minister threatens 'holocaust' against Palestinians

March 1: The Myth of the Iraq "surge" - Nir Rosen (Rolling Stone magazine). Download whole article as a pdf here

March 1: Report from Afghanisatan - Ben Anderson (LRB)

March 1: China Study Group - Privatisation of the land in China

March 1: It's a Free World - NY Times review of Ken Loach film

March 1: Two weeks today - World against War mobilisation: Troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan - Don’t attack Iran - End the siege of Gaza

March 1: Riots, Terrorism etc. John Lanchester reviews Nick Davies' devastating critique of the British press, "FLat Earth News" (LRB)

March 1: Cold Type Reader - February 2008 issue

March 1: Securitization against Democratization: War on Terrorism, Authoritarian Liberalism, and Neo-liberalism in Post-9/11 Southeast Asia - Juego Bonn (ESSF)

Feb 29: More than 100 attend launch of The Revolution Betrayed in Cuba

Feb 25: Pushing Missile Defence in Europe

Feb 25: Respect fights Post Office closures

Feb 25: Danger signs for Venezuela: Kiraz Janicke and Frederico Fuentes

Feb 23: World situation and tasks of
revolutionaries - Francois Sabado


Feb 20: Ignacio Ramonet on Fidel Castro

Feb 19: Fidel Castro resigns

Feb 18: James Petras - Latin America's changing mosaic - movements in flux and center-left governments in power (pdf)

Feb 18: Exxon Mobil's assault on Venezuela

Feb 18: Why the barrios still love Hugo Calvin Tucker (

Feb 18: Kenya - failures of elite transition: Kiama Kaara (MRzine)

Feb 18: Venezuela - Socialists discuss struggle for revolutionary party, Frederico Fuentes (GLW)

Feb 18: Pakistan Crisis, Background and Perspectives - Farooq Tariq (Links)

Feb 17: Is the US really bringing stability to Baghdad?

Feb 8: Max Lane explains an important split in the Indonesian PRD

Feb 7: The reckless greed of the few harms the future of the many - Will Hutton

Feb 6: Why I will not participate in the Turin book fair - Tariq Ali

Feb 2: Counter-insurgency in Chiapas

Feb 2: Francisco Louçã: Strategy of the Portugues Left Bloc

Feb 1: Attack on peace community in Colombia, Teo Ballvé (ZNet)

Feb 1: Kosovo: Waiting for War, Dreaming of Diplomacy (Diana Johnstone, ZNet) Feb 18: Kenya - failures of elite transition: Kiama Kaara
Jan 31: Socialists and Ken Livingstone - Alan Thornett (Socialist Resistance)

Jan 28: New Link - 1968 and all that. An international conference and bookfair to celebrate the hopes and dreams of May 1968 - forty years after: Saturday, 10 May 2008, 10am - 10pm, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1

Jan 28: Global Warming and the Struggle for Justice - Brian Tokar, ZNet

Jan 28: How to avoid action on climate change (Ian Angus - Climate and Capitalism site)

Jan 28: Indianismo and Marxsim, the mismatch of two revolutionary traditions - Richard Fiddler, Links

Jan 27: New left party in France? Cuban newspaper article, plus interview with Daniel Bensaid and interventiln in LCR congress by Olivier Besancenot

Jan 27: Non-combatant deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan - the real 'surge' of 2007

Jan 27: Transforming culture one blockbuster at a time (Bill Berkowitz, ZNet)

Jan 25: Palestinians blast new holes in Egypt border wall

Jan 22: Pam Martens - How Wall Street blew itself up ($100bn and counting)

Jan 22: Venezuela debate - Alex Callinicos and Fred Fuentes

Jan 21: Extracted from Defeat: Jonathan Steele on the fiasco of the occupation of Iraq

Jan 21: Experts warn of stock market hysteria (der Spiegal)

Jan 21: London shares in biggest fall since 9/11

Jan 21: European and Asian stocks fall on US recession fears

Jan 21: Video - Decline of the Dollar - Decline of Empire? Round table discussion with Chris Rude and Scott Aquano (Socialist Project, Canada)

Jan 21: Subprime crisis causing African-Americans to suffer greatest loss of wealth in modern US history (Democracy Now!)

Jan 21: Video- Roundtable discussion - Mexico under Calderon (with Alejandro Alverez, Tom Marois and Hepzibah Munoz Martinez) - Socialist Project, Canada

Jan 21: Marx as Journalist - Jim Ledbetter

Jan 19: New on the Daily Life page - Inequality is closing down our concern for others

Jan 19: Pakistan collapsing under Musharaf: he has to go - Farooq Tariq

Jan 19: World Against War Demonstration (15 March London) - demonstrate for troops out - download leaflet pdf

Jan 19: People's Power in Venezuela - John Riddell

Jan 19: Chavez inaugurates first conference of new United Socialist Party of Venezuela

Jan 19: Northern Rock has exposed the reality of the free market - Seumas Milne

>>Jan 18: World Economy - Devastating Crisis Unfolds (Robert Brenner for ATC editors)

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