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(June-Sept 2005)
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(Sept-Dec 2005)


31 March: France - New day of mobilisation planned for April 4
28 March: Massive demonstrations on day of French strike
26 March: Half million migrants march in LA
25 March: The Game Plan on Iran is becoming clearer
25 March:Operation Swarm of Lies
25 March: New on the Imperialism page - Afflicted Powers, the State, the Spectacle and September 11
25 March: Venezuelan women march against Iraq war
25 March: Movie review: V for Vendetta - the "most subversive movie of the Bush-Blair era".It is the year 2020. A virus runs wild in the world, most Americans are dead, and Britain is ruled by a fascist dictator who promises security but not freedom. One man stands against him, the man named V, who moves through London like a wraith despite the desperate efforts of the police.
23 March: Chavez says US has lost in Iraq
23 March:Clashes over global water policy in Mexico City
23 March: Ecuador - Protests over free trade reach critical stage
23 March: Water law and indigenous rights in the Andes
19 March: Photos of worldwide anti-Iraq war demonstrations, 18/03/06
19 March: Photos of the 18/3/06 Paris demonstration
19 March:Paris demonstration - "three generations walked hand-in-hand"
19 March: Clashes follow Paris demonstration
19 March: Anti-war rallies held in US cities
18 March: Demos mark anniversary of Iraq war
18 March: Rachel Corrie - Too hot for New York
March 17 1968 - March 18 2006: why we should still be marching against imperialism
17 March:French student movement puts government on defensive
16 March: FMLN gains in Salvador elections despite poor turnout
16 March: The challenge of revolutionary democracy in the life and thought of Rosa Luxemburg - Paul Le Blanc
16 March: Venezuela - Movement of workers controlled factories calls for more expropriations
16 March: Thousands killed by government death squads in Iraq - Doug Lorimer
16 March: Soviet Union - State Capitalist or Siege Socialist?
16 March: Anti-Chavez: Bringing McCarthyism to a campus near you
16 March: PFLP statement on prison attack
14 March: Abortion - the front line of a religious war in God's own country (Der Spiegal)
14 March: Gilbert Achcar - New turbulence in the Middle East
13 March: British big business profiteering from Iraq
12 March: 5 Vermont towns seeks Bush impeachment over war
12 March: US steps up attack on Chavez (LA Times)
12 March: Left wing Dutch SP doubles strength in local elections
12 March: Massive ideological debate over capitalism and socialism at China national People's Congress (NY Times)
12 March: America's secret war against Bolshevism
12 March: The taming of Sinn Fein (Village magazine)
11 March: Police Battle Sorbonne portesters
11 March: French students revive spirit of '68
11 March New link on the Global Justice page - Supersize my Pay!
11 March: New on the Documents page - You can't build a new society with a Stanley knife; Malcolm Bull on Hardt and Negri (LRB)
11 March: Belarus - West decides the winner before the vote
10 March: Mexican miners' nationwide wildcat strike
8 March: Review of 'Why We Fight'
8 March: Life in a Stronghold of the Bolivarian Revolution
8 March: Deserted in Western Sahara
8 March: Claire Fauset: International Women's Day hijacked by big business
8 March: Vanessa Redgrave - The Second Death of Rachel Corrie
8 March: A story for International Women's Day - 'the nine lives' of a migrant woman worker in China
8 March: The New Furies - Tom Nairn review's Tariq Ali's 'Rough Trade'
7 March: War is not a video game - review of Sam Mendez's Jarhead
7 March: Is the Bush Administration Planning a Nuclear Holocaust?
7 March: Global warming - they blinded us with science
6 March: There's nothing brave about attacking the powerless
5 March: Cuba's Economic Reforms Fuel Battle of Ideas
5 March: The wealth of companies and the health of economies no longer go together - Economist
5 March: After 3 years of occupation - why America still wants endless war
26 Feburary: Denmark - Left Socialists arrested for 'terrorist' T-shirts
19 February: New link on Marxist Links page - Liga de la Unidad Socialista (Mexico)
19 February: New link on the Documents page (left menu bar) - articles by Bertell Ollman
19 February: Dance of the Dialectic - pdf file of 30 pages of Bertell Ollman's book
18 February: Haitian elections seen as victory for Aristide
18 February: New link on the Global Justice page - Globalization Monitor Hong Kong
18 February: Eduardo Galeano: The Second Founding of Bolivia (English and Spanish - MRzine)
18 February: 2000-strong rally launches US hotel workers unionisation campaign
16 February: Communism may be dead, but clearly not dead enough - Seamus Milne
15 February:Beijing bureacracy tries to make Marx 'relevent' again
15 February: Vicente Fox versus Latin America
15 February: Brazil's political crisis and the PT - interviews (Wainwright and Brandford -TNI), 66 pages pdf format. English version here. Spanish here.
12 February: Iraq - Sunnis build up their own militia (pdf)
12 February: A Bizarre Beginning in Bolivia - James Petras
12 February: State of the Empire, 2006 - James Petras
11 February: No Bar to Love - the courageous personal prison struggle of Antonio Gramsci
11 February: John Pilger: Iran - The Next War?
10 February: New at the Marxsite Blog - Mark Lawson's attack on George Clooney
10 February: The attack on academic freedom - worse than McCarthy
10 February: China- imperialism's assembly plant (pdf)
10 February: The attack on academic freedom - worse than McCarthy
9 February: Seven Days in Caracas - a report from the World Social Forum
8 February: Raking in profits at the world's expense
8 February: FI internal debate on Brazil hots up
7 February:Indigenous people in Brazil fight for their rights
7 February: Dance of the Dialectic - The Process of Abstraction in Marx's work
7 February: Bertell Ollman - Is there a Marxist ethic?
6 February: Chavez Challenged to Take Strong Stand against WTO at World Social Forum (Walden Bello and Mary Lou Malig)
6 February: Bolivian workers demand Morales carries out nationalisation promises
6 February: "24" - Jack Bauer and the Ethics of Urgency (Slavoj Zizek)
6 February: Israel and Apartheid
6 February: The end of the Internet?
6 February: 'Humanitarian imperialism' - Ignatieff, Ferguson and the Political Science of 'Good Empire' - John S. Saul
6 February: War without end - official
6 February: Walking to Guantanamo
6 February: What Hamas really wants - René Backmann
1 February Iran - release jailed bus workers now! (LS)
31 January: Hundreds of arrests in vicious state repression of Tehran bus workers' strike
31 January: Michel Warschawski - Sharon's Last Victory
31 January: 100th British soldier dies in Iraq
31 January: Bush's 130,00 hostages, or why the US will probably not attack Ian - Andrew Cockburn
30 January: Report from Bakamo, Mali WSF - Matt Panthers (Rouge-IVP)
30 January: Iran, War and Sanctions
30 January: The WSF and Building the Socialism of the 21st Century - Judy Rebick (
29 January: Helena Sheehan - Introduction to Nikolai Bukharin's 'Philosophical Arabeques' (MR Press)
29 January: Jeffrey R. Webber - Will Evo Morales change Bolivia?
29 January: Gilbert Achcar - First reactions to the Hamas victory in Palestine
27 January: Reports from WSF in Caracas
24 January: DESTROY and PROFIT How capitalism makes a killing from disaster. 121-page dossier from Focus on the Global South (pdf format).
24 January: Friends With Low Wages. US country megastar GARTH BROOKS now has his albums exclusively distributed by WAL-MART. Wal-mart Workers produced this brilliant Flash video to say what Wal Mart really means. (If you can't see it, you need to download Flash plug-in, go to Marcromedia site).
24 January: James Petras "Evo Morales - Populist gestures and neoliberal substance"
23 January: Books about yesterday's activism for activists of tomorrow - Paul Le Blanc
23 January: Portuguese presidential election result: victory for the right, but the Left Bloc keeps its influence
22 January: Ross McKibbin - The Destruction of the Public Sphere (LRB). A long hard look at why Labour and the Tories are saying virtually identical (neoliberal) things
22 January: John Pilger - The Quiet Death of Freedom
22 January: Revolution in the Andes - Richard Gott
22 January: New on the Socialist Perspectives page - How are revolutionary parties built? (ISO); Internal democracy and public debate in the Bolshevik party (Murray Smith)
22 January: Michel Husson - The theory of long waves and contemporary capitalism (pdf -French language only)
22 January: 1956 - London Socialist Historians Conference
21 January: Wildcat strikes by 40,000 Ho Chi Minh City workers pay off
21 January: Slave tomatoes under the golden arches?
16 January: Strasbourg pan-EU dockworkers demonstation
15 January: Robert Fisk on Ariel Sharon
14 January: Big Brother - the perfect neoliberal TV programme
13 January: Chavez's opposition opts out (In These Times)
9 January 2006: Iraq, the Case for Immediate Withdrawal - Gilbert Achcar (WW4 Report)
8 January 2006: Debate in the British SWP over its failure to grow despite leading Respect and the anti-war movement. See also comment on this debate at Marxsite Blog.
8 January 2006: New at Marxsite Blog - Anti-Kennedy putsch is a right-wing coup
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