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Archive 18 - January/March 2009
March 11: New Book - 25 Years After, the miners' strike, the media and the aftermath. Campaign for press and Broadcasting Freedom book, edited by Granville Williams
March 6: New video at Global Revolt (left column) - Economic crisis, 10 years of hell? (F William Engdahl, Real News Network)

Leo Panitch (left) and Sam Gindin
Feb 24: Consume! - the commodification of desire. First part of video explaining how capitalist advertising gets you to buy things you don't need. For second part go to Global Revolt video pod

Feb 22: Video - semi-insurrection in Guadeloupe
Feb 19: Obama: Imperialism with a human face - Tariq Ali ( via Links)
Feb 19: Urban poor strongly represented in new Philippines socialist party - Reihana Mohideen (Links)
Feb 19: Is economic recovery even possible in a world headed towards environmental collapse? (Tom Englehardt - TomDispatch)
Feb 19: Global job losses in two years to Dec 2009 could total 50 million (New York Times)
Feb 18: Sacked Cowley agency workers confront do-nothing union bureaucrats
Feb 15: Viva Palestina convoy sets off for Gaza. See video below and more info here
Feb 8: Olivier Besancenot interviewed on the formation of the New Anti-Capitalist Party
Feb 8: Seumas Milne - The seeds of Latin America's rebirth were sown in Cuba
Feb 7: Global Crisis Fuels Protests (Real News Network)
Feb 6: Protests in Iceland that threw out a government
olivier besancenot
Feb 5: US auto bailout - in whose interest? Sam Gindin interview on the Real News Network (Youtube). Part1. Click throught to Youtube for parts 2, 3, 4.
Feb 4: French government is afraid of the left (BBC)
Video of LSE, SOAS and Kings occupations

>>Occupation blogs here
Jan 17: Young Israeli conscientious objectors explain why they won't fight for Israel

Sign their letter here
Jan 17: Gaza-West Bank divide grows (Al Jazeerah video)
Jan 17: Bolivia follows Venezuelan example and breaks off diplomatic ties with Israel

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