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May 30: Richard Gott - Chávez leads the way (Guardian UK)
May 30: G. Buster - Building an Alternative Left after the French 'No' vote
May 29: Canadian Labour - learning to think big again (Canadian Dimension)
May 28: Jonah Gindin - The Future of the Bolivarian Revolution
May 27: Leftist intellectuals criticise Bierman, Habermas and Grass over EU Constitution
May 25: Pierre Dubuc - "The movement for Quebec independence is on the march again"
May 25: Bolivia - article plus TV report on latest struggles from Democracy Now! (RealPlayer)
May 25: Jeffery Webber: The first two days of Bolivia's second gas war (New Socialist)
May 25: Women’s Emancipation, Indigenous Liberation, and Socialist Possibilities in Bolivia (ZNet) - interview with Nemecia Achacollo
May 25: Bolivia faces a new revolutionary wave
May 25: George Galloway - How to Build a Successful Progressive Alliance
May 21: Venezuelan Workers Debate Workers Control of Industry and Government Enterprises
May 21: George Galloway's tirade in front of senate committee
Pablo Paredes and Kevin Benderman - Put the war on trial (Socialist Worker US)
May 14: Alan McCombes - On the SSP's election results (International Viewpoint)
May 14: John Rees - Perspectives for Respect (Socialist Review)
May 13: Michael Lowy - Marxism and Religion (New Socialist)
May 13: Boston Anti-Racists Block pro-Nazi march
May 13: The New McCarthyism (ISR)
May 8: Eric Toussaint - Paul Wolfowitz new President of the World Bank : What will change?
May 7: Retort - BLOOD FOR OIL? (LRB)
May 7: UK election - RESPECT results
May 2:: May Day Kicks Off Brazil MST march
April 15th: McCampaigners 'stick the boot' into McDonald's 50th anniversary celebrations
April 15: Cindy Corrie delivers Caterpillar
Report to leading UK supplier
April 13: The Need for a Radical Alternative, interview with István Mészáros
April 13 : New on the 'Debate on Power' page - links to entire text of Holloway book, plus two more comments.
April 10: Huge Baghdad rally calls for US pull-out on anniversary of war
9 April: New Link - Walmart, Low Prices, Low Wages - Stephanie Luce (Monthly Review)
9 April: New Link - Michael D. Yates, a Statistical Portrait of the US Working Class (Monthly Review)
9 April : Teresa Ebert: Red Feminism (html). Click on icon opposite for pdf version
5 April: New Socialist Project Pamphlet: The Unexpected Revolution - the Venezuelan People Confront Neoliberalism - go to right hand column on linked page.
5 April: International Institute of Social History: Labour and Social Mobilisation in Venezuela
4 April: Insurgents attack Abu Ghraib Prison
4 April: Terry Eagleton, The Pope Has Blood on his Hands
4 April: Socialist Resistance April Issue (pdf file)

3 April: ¡Cochabamba! - Water Wars in Bolivia - (Socialist Resistance April 05)

3 April: Vietnam - Capitalism behind the Red Flag (Socialist Resistance April 05)
2 April: NEW PAGE. Easy navigation to key Marxist texts
1 April: One Huge US Jail - 10,000 in worldwide network of detention and torture
March 31: Third Cairo conference on globalisation, imperialism and Zionism (Socialist Worker UK)
March 30: Thailand Tsunami - Evicting the Victims (Andreas Lorenz- Der Spiegal)
March 28: Chavez and Petro Populism (The Nation)
$$$$ March 27: Super rich hide TRILLIONS offshore - 10X British Gross Domestic Product!!
So you thought socialists were exaggerating? Get more detailed info from the Tax Justice Network
March 27: Philip Agee - The Nature of CIA Intervention in Venezuela
March 26th: US auto crisis puts workers under pressure (NYT)
March 26: Venezuela VP replies to Rumsfeld
March 25: Rumsfeld Warns Chavez over AK-47s
March 18: Tariq Ali - Iraq Resistance
March 16: Gilbert Achcar: Marxism and Religion - yesterday and today [International Viewpoint -PDF]
March 15: Socialist Project (Ca): New issue of 'Relay'
March 13: Thousands of US troops to be stationed in eastern Europe
Mar 12: Daniel Bensaid: Theses of Resistance (pdf format)
Mar 12 - Seven Days in New York City - Protesting outside the Republican Convention - David Rubinson (PDF) [COLD TYPE]
Mar 12: John Pilger: YEAR ZERO (77 pages), an excerpt from the book Tell Me No Lies (PDF) [COLD TYPE]
>>March 10:  Seamus Milne "Managed elections are the latest device to prop up pro-Western regimes "
March10: Letter to Democracia Socialista (Brazil)
March 1: What are US warships doing off the coast of Venezuela? (venezuelanalysis)
March 5: Walden Bello Desperate Martians now Wooing Venusians: (Click here for PDF version)
>>March 2: Suzan Mazur (Counterpunch)- The Polygamy Cults of Southern Utah
>>Chavez reaffirms support for socialism
>>Venezuala detains suspected FARC leader over kidnapping
>>More army murders in Colomba
>>25.02.05: Portuguese Left Bloc wins 8 seats
>>Michel Husson: The Fate of the Regulation School (pdf)
>>25.02.05 Gilbert Achcar: Wither Iraq?
>>11.02.05 AGAINST THE WITCH-HUNT. Pictured below Arthur Miller, who famously stood against the 1950s witch-hunt and has just died; and a victim of today's witch-hunt, anti-war lawyer Lynne Stewart, just jailed for 'aiding terrorism'. Read about Miller and Stewart.
"What I heard about Iraq": Eliot Weinberger

NEW: February 2005 issue Socialist Resistance (pdf)

Tom Mertes: US elections - A Republican Proletariat

Tom Wood - The Case for Chechnya



Lessons from a Critical Intellectual: Livio Maitan


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