Archive 7 - March-September 2006
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July 31: LRB - Despatches from Beirut (Elias Khoury, Rasha Salti, Karim Makdisi)
July 30: John Pilger - Hizbullah are heroes
July 30: Robert Fisk - Is Israel losing its war in Lebanon?
July 30: Gilbert Achcar - Israel's onslaught
July 30: IIan Pappe - Israel was founded on ethnic cleansing (Socialist Worker UK)
July 30: Michael Chossudovsky - The war in Lebanon and the battle for oil
July 30: David Hirst - The 'Arab System' is dying in Lebanon
July 13: Robert Fisk interviewed in Beirut
July 13: Zionist assault on Lebanon - Channel 4 News Report
July 12: Interview with Natalie Maines of the
Dixie Chicks - "Let them hate us" (Der Spiegel)
July 12: The Sorrows of Empire - interview with Chalmers Johnson
July 12: Election fraud protestors head for Mexico City
July 12: William K. Tabb - The Power of the Rich (MR)
July 10: Chomsky, Tariq Ali back Italian anti-war MPs
July 9: AMLO says the vote was fixed
July 9: Greg Palast: "There is something rotten in Mexico and it smells like Florida"
July 9: Karl Marx - the poet of dialectics
July 9: New menu page - video and audio files
July 8: Nepal - witnessing the people's movement:
Michael Cohen (MRzine)
July 8: Jonathan Cook - Israel's experiment in human despair (electronic intifada)
July 7: Israel renews air attacks on Gaza
July 7: Troops fire on student demonstrators in San Salvador (Upsidedown World)
July 7: Videos LCR-Olivier Besancenot posted at DailyMotion (two pages)
July 7: Italian appeal for aid from international Left in fight against Italian Afghanistan intervention
July 7: Brazil - Lula extends lead, Heloisa Helena remains in third position
July 7: Michael Lowy - From Captain Swing to Pancho Villa Instances of peasant resistance in the historiography of Eric Hobsbawm
July 6: Israel's path to self-destruction (Electronic Intifadah)
July 6: Jonathan Steele - Europe's response to the siege of Gaza is shameful
July 6: Mexico elections 'certainly stolen'
July 6: La Jornada journalists explain election discrepencies
July 4: A closer look at Mexico election results - NY Indymedia
July 3: Grand Theft Mexico? - Greg Palast
July 3: Mexico on the Brink
July 3: The split in Workers Power - majority and minority statements
July 3: Bolivia - MAS wins 50% of seats in Constituent Assembly, voters reject regional autonomy
July 1: Bolivians to vote for Constitutional Assembly
July 1: Blair Lives in a Parallel Universe: a letter to the Guardian which says it all
July 1: Michael Lowy - Dialectics and Revolution; Lenin, Trotsky, Lukacs (pdf)
July 1: Cuba jails top Communist member
July 1: Understanding the split in the DSP - Peter Boyle
July 1: Why we left the Australian DSP - Marxist Solidarity Network
June 30: Zibigniew Kowalewski - 50 years since the Poznan workers' uprising
June 29: Activistism: Left Anti-Intellectualism and its Discontents - By Liza Featherstone, Doug Henwood & Christian Parenti
June 28: May issue of International Viewpoint in pdf format
June 28: Conditions of the Chinese working classes (Monthly Review)
June 28: New on the Permanent Revolution page - Michael Löwy: The Marxism of Trotsky's 'Results and Prospects'
June 26: If wanton murder is essential to the US campaign in Iraq, it's time to leave - Gary Younge
June 26: Fallujah - a city still under siege
June 26: The Other Campaign - orphans of the Mexican election
June 25: Celia Hart collection published by Resistance Books
June 23: Revolutionary Strategy in Latin America - Phil Hearse
June 23: Four weeks which shook Oaxaca
June 19: Jill's Blog - excellent up-to-date eyewitness reports from the teachers' struggle in Oaxaca
June 18: Critics plan offensive as IMF-World Bank crisis deepens - Walden Bello
June 18: Deception at the heart of Uribe's re-election (Colombia Journal Online)
June 18: The Western view of the rise of China and India is a self-affirming fiction - Pankaj Mishra
June 17: Drug firm blocks cheap blindness cure (if you ever doubted capitalism was insane, read this article!)
June 16: Futuristic web comic echoes reality
June 16: Gabriel Kolko on capitalism's new crisis
June 16: Oaxaca teachers retake Zócalo , re-establish camp
June 15: Teachers' union says strikers killed in police attack in Oaxaca
June 15: Strategy of tension in Mexico - IVP report
June 15: Democracy Now! interview on Oaxaca
June 15: Atenco - Breaking the Siege. Amazing video of repression and resistance in Mexico State
June 15: Atenco: "My friends are in trouble and I need your help to defend them" - Greg Berger
June 15: New IIRE pamphlet - Change the world without taking power, or take the power to change the world? Authors include Holloway, Bensaid, Callinicos. Download full pamphlet as pdf.
June 14: The social consequences of falling US wages
June 13: New platform in the Scottish Socialist Party
June 13: New issue of Socialist Resistance
June 12: The life and death of Abu Musab al Zarqawi
June 12: French CP breaks with Russian CP over homophobia
June 12: Green Left Weekly broadcasts from Caracas
June 9: State Violence and Gender is San Salvador Atenco (Socialist Project, Canada)
June 8: Current interest - Insurgent Iraq: How the US created the al-Zarqawi myth (Loretta Napoleoni - Cold Type, pdf)
June 8: Haditha is Arabic for My Lai (Empire Notes)
June 8: Tommy Cooper journalism - the Guardian and Observer on Hugo Chavez
June 7: US army lieutenant calls war illegal, refuses to go
June 7: Why read Clausewitz when Shock and Awe can make a clean sweep of things?
June 7: New format - Peter Gowan's "Dollar-Wall St Regime" in pdf format. For HTML text see Global Justice page.
June 7: Streaming video - Noam Chomsky on Latin American integration and rebellion (Democracy Now)
June 7: US grand strategy for Africa (Monthly Review)
June 6: Venezuela - UNT divisions cause union congress suspension
June 6: Student riots in eastern Venezuela continue
June 6: Vietnam's labour strife worsens
June 6: Fred Halliday slams Tariq Ali, NLR over Mid-East, Imperialism.
Related interest: Making Peace with America (2002)
June 6: The Wind that Shakes the Barley - George Monbiot replies to Ken Loach's rightwing detractors (who haven't seen the movie of course)
June 6: Christian Parenti Letter from Bolivia - Morales Moves
June 6: Mexico - News of the solidarity fight with Atenco and the Other Campaign
June 6: Diyarbakir - The new Kurdish intifadah
June 4: Wives and mothers say war is based on lies (IOS)
June 4: Women against the War. Read second IOS article
June 4: In Mexico, one month after, police brutality in Atenco
is covered up with newer violations of human rights (Narco News)
June 3: South Africa general strikes shows growing anger (GLW)
June 3: Heloísa Helena - Former Lula supporter targets his voters
June 3: Heloísa Helena - Campaign video (Google Video)
June 3: Haditha massacre: "I hope the investigation goes on up the food chain"
June 3: Alex Callinicos - The Euston Manifesto,
covering up for colonialism (Socialist Worker UK)
31 May: Artists Network of Refuse and Resist -
The Battle over My Name is Rachel Corrie
30 May: SSP leader Alan McCombes released from jail
30 May: Poverty in Venezuela - getting the numbers right
30 May: Free software and revolution
30 May: Evo Morales - Interview with Time magazine
30 May: The Massacre and the Marines
30 May: Brazil opinion poll - Lula leads, Heloisa Helena in fourth position
30 May: British lecturers' union votes to boycott Israeli academics
29 May: Ken Loach wins Palme D'Or at Cannes film festival
29 May: US and Afghan forces fire on rioters in Kabul
29 May: Ross McKibbin - British Labour after the cabinet reshuffle (LRB)
29 May: To Brad and Angelina a boy. But what does the future hold for Namibia's other children?
27 May: Arguments about the Da Vinci Code
27 May: Ken Loach's new film "The Wind that Shakes the Barley" - details plus clips
27 May: Intergalatic commission of the EZLN - solidarity actions with the prisoners of San Salvador Atenco
27 May: SSP leader Alan McCombes sent to jail over Sheridan libel case documents
27 May: Unite Here! - Sleep with the right people!
27 May: Chomsky and his Critics
27 May: Sound File - Tariq Ali interviewed on CBC radio, Canada (RealPlayer)
27 May: Textiles workers strikes rock Bangladesh
27 May: Iran target of disinformation ploy
25 May: John Pilger - Bolivia, a Glimpse of Freedom
25 May: Mexican presidential eletions - elite sees Lopez Obrador as danger
25 May: Susan Weissman - An Eruption in the Streets
23 May: VIDEO - "THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED". Dramatic account of the 2002 attempted coup against Hugo Chavez (wait a few seconds for video to load)
22 May: Iran and the Imperial Nuclear Order
22 May: Robert Fisk- American bases in Brazil, the Long Arm of the United States
22 May: Inside Iraq's hidden war
22 May: The Mafiosi of the world get away with it - thanks to Bob, Bono and the Beeb (Frontline)
21 May: John Pilger - Contentment in Caracas
21 May: John Pilger - The real first casualty of war
21 May: John Pilger - The Salvador Option
19 May: Jonathan Cutler - Beyond Incompetence: the neocons'war in Iraq
16 May: Police Brutality in Mexico - John Gibler
18 May: Noam Chomsky - Hizbollah's insistence on keeping its guns is justified
16 May: Hamas and "Israel's right to exist" - Virginia Tilley
16 May: Greg Palast - Armed Madhouse
15 May: Pentagon acknowledges fabricating Zarqawi legend
15 May: Clean water a basic human right
15 May: Iraq'a rag-tag army units start fighting among themselves
13 May: Jon Pilger - Chavez is a threat because he offers the alternative of a decent society
12 May: Vietnam Vet of My Lai period says of Iraq: "Our Desecent into Hell has Begun
11 May: James Petras - Mesoamerica comes to North America (Microsoft Word document)
10 May: Pepe Escobar - The Axis of Gas
9 May: Sound File - Mike Davis, Planet of Slums, interview on CBC radio's 'Currents' programme (RealPlayer)
8 May: Dramatic photos of resistance and repression in San Salvador Atenco
7 May: Zapatistas call new Red Alert, suspend Other Campaign
7 May: Marcos reappears in Atenco and challenges commercial media to tell the truth about repression
6 May: Local elections - how the left did
5 May: The Mass Murder of Women in Guatemala - video, audio, articles, resources
3 May: 50,000 flock to London anti-Nazi music event (Socialist Worker)
3 May: Bolivia Nationalises the Gas - Jeffery R Webber reports from La Paz (New Socialist)
3 May: Leo Panitch - What You Need to Know about May Day
3 May: Jubilation over hydrocarbons nationalisation in Bolivia - Granma
3 May: Militant May Day in Mexico
3 May: Background to the US immigrant movement - Dan La Botz (Labor Notes)
3 May: Millions strike, more than a million march in US immigrant protest: "One of the biggest protests in US history unfolded across America Monday as more than a million demonstrators took to the streets to protest against proposals to toughen immigration law."
2 May: Tens of thousands in NY anti-war demo
30 April: Slavoj Zizek - Lenin shot at Finland station
30 April: Rageh Omaar - Londonstani
30 April: Mumia Abu-Jamal on the growing immigrant justice movement
30 April: Neil Young's anti-war album part of a growing musical drumbeat against war administration
30 April: Click here to listen to the new Neil Young anti-war, anti-Bush album 'Living with War'
29 April: May Day in America - The Great American Boycott
29 April: 4th European Social Forum - Athens, May 4,5,6,7th 2006
29 April: Alistair Swiffen and Peter Hallward - A brief introduction to Daniel Bensaid
29 April: Danield Bensaid: Leaps, Leaps, Leaps! - Lenin and Politics
29 April: Daniel Bensaid - The Mole and the Locomotive
29 April: Daniel Bensaid - The Baggage of Exodus: Trotsky, revolutions and the constitution of original ‘Trotskyism’
27 April: International Viewpoint pamphlet for the European Social Forum. Fighting for a Europe which puts people before profits
27 April: Six nations occupation in southern Ontario
27 April: "If you stand, you will get shot at"
27 April: Sino-Globalism and the Shadow of Tienanmen
27 April: US- the anti-war movement and the immigrant rights movement
26 April: Shifting Centres of Gavity in Latin America
26 April: The Coming War with Iran (MRZine)
26 April: Portugal - Francisco Louçã’s presidential campaign (IVP)
25 April: Resistance on the Mexican 'Riviera':the Zapatistsas visist Manzanillo, Colima
22 April: Nepal protesters storm into city
21 April: Nepal - Communist Party press statement
21 April: "They attempted to execute Chavez, but the firing squad refused to fire" - interview with Fidel Castro
20 April: Containing China
20 April: "Italian communists move beyond communism"
18 April: Hilary Wainwright - Venezuela's New Model Army
18 April: Latino demonstrations - Marxmail discussion
18 April: Venezuela tightens oil grip
17 April: Italian Rifondazione heads for government (IVP)
17 April: Brazilian polls give Lula massive lead
14 April: John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt - The Israel Lobby (LRB)
14 April: New at the Marxsite Blog - Why Can't Europe choose between Left and Right?
14 April: Jonathan Steele - US allies are behind death squads and ethnic cleansing
13 April: Ollanta Humala - Peru's Next President? (Upside Down World)
13 April: Tariq Ali - Mid Point in the Middle East (NLR editorial)
13 April: US judge orders jail for New York transit workers leader
13 April: French mass movement beats back neoliberalism - Nick Barrett (Socialist Worker)
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