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ARCHIVE 8 Jan-April 2007
April 26: Global Warming strikes Italian farmers
April 24: Italian Critical Left charts opposition to Prodi
April 24: Sicko - New Michael Moore film compares US healthcare with Cuba's:
April 23: Olivier Besancenot statement on French election outcome
Olivier Besancenot
April 21: Water crisis - interview with Fred Pearce
April 21: Chavez, Lula clash over ethanol
April 21: Sad Outcomes - Gabriel Kolko's After Socialism reviewed
April 19: John Pilger - The War Ahead
April 19: Rageh Omar - Strange Victory
April 18: Ecuador to sever IMF ties (Business Week)
April 18: Ecuador votes for Constituent Assembly
April 18: Imperial Sunset? - Aijaz Ahmad
April 18: The Pentagon's likely next target, and what key Democrats are saying about it
April 18: Beijing labourers dying in race for Olympic deadline
April 17: Amid echoes of 1968, a new kind of radicalism is growing on the NY campus
April 15: Climate Change - a Marxist Analysis - Terry Townsend (DSP)
April 15: Ecuador votes on new People's Assembly
April 15: Taking Liberties - Liberty, Privacy, A Fair Trial, Freedom of Speech, Prohibition from Torture…Think you know your rights?  Think again.
April 15: How the attack on Iran would unfold
April 13: New on the Daily Life page - Circuit City Slaughter
April 13: Bush's doomed plan for Baghdad - Robert Fisk
April 12: France - the Revolutionary Postman (Der Spiegal)
April 12: Coalition of Immokalee Workers forces concessions from McDonalds
April 12: Fallujah - the play: listen to the sound file on this site
April 12: The Iraqi resistance only exists to end the occupation - Haifa Zangana
April 12: Site of the US Social Forum, Atlanta Georgia, June 27-July 1 2007
April 11: Major battle in Iraq between US troops Baghdad Sunni insurgents and local residents
April 11: Chavez plays the oil card
April 10: Mass protests over killing of Argentinian teacher
Riot police fire tear gas
Riot police fired tear gas at protesting teachers in Neuquen province last Wednesday

April 10: Global warming scientists are under intense pressure to water down findings, and are then accused of silencing their critics
April 9: Free Speech in America - Robert Fisk
April 9: India's growing violence - Arundhati Roy
April 9: Trail of Tears - the forced relocation of the Inuit
April 9: Revolution, flashmobs, and brain chips. British military's grim vision of the future
April 8: Australian ISO letter of resignation from the Socialist Alliance
April 8: Bush's surge fails before it begins
April 8: Neoliberalism and Canada's ruling class - Greg Albo
April 8: Mega-drought: Denial in the Desert (Mike Davis)
April 7: Marcos - "Another world is possible, but only on top of the corpse of capitalism"
April 7: Victor Grossman - A big step forward to left unity in Germany
April 7: Naomi Klein on the privatisation of the Iraqi state (Democracy Now- text and video [Real Player])
April 5: Video - Anti-war veterans march on Pentagon
April 5: Roberf Fisk - Return to Khandahar (Cold Type pdf)
April 5: Cheney's Nuclear Drumbeat (Cold Type - pdf)

Anti-torture protest at Fort Huachuca,

>>April 5: Protesting Priests Escape Jail Before Torture Trial - Incident at Fort Huachuca, the Army's Torture Training Centre - Bill Quigley, Counterpunch
>>April 5: Greg Albo - Comments on an Interview with István Mészáros (Socialist Project)
>>April 5: Ken Loach supports Olivier Besancenot (video)
>>April 5: Ecuador president in showdown with Congress
April 4: In Oaxaca, women rise (John Gibler)
April 4: Globalisation and the struggle for immigrant rights in the US (NS)
April 4: Debatte conference details
April 4: Ecosocialism from a Marxist Perspective (video) - Daniel Tanuro
April 3: New on the movies page - American Blackout
April 3: New on the movies page - Iraq for Sale, thre War Profiteers
April 3: New on the movies page - Walmart, the High Cost of a Low Price
April 2: Neoliberalism and the New Socialism - Alvaro Garcia Linares
April 2: New on the movies page: Sacco and Vanzetti and China Blue
April 2: Bolivia between reaction and insurrection - James Petras (Bolivia Rising)
April 1: Captive - how the ad industry pins us down -Dinyar Godrej (NI)
1April: Kingdom of Capital - Chris Richards (NI)
1 April: The new campus radicalism in the US
March 31: US Missile Defence - be very afraid (21st century socialism)
March 31: Stephanie Coontz - Marriage Demystified
March 31: Hillel Ticktin - Behind Russia's headlines
March 30: Against party bureaucracy - Venezuela's PSUV and socialism from below
March 30: New on the Ecosocialism page: Daniel Tanuro - Marx's concept of social metabolism and ecosocialist responses to climate change
March 30: After the WSF in Niarobi - some reflections: Michael Warschawski
March 30: Miss Universe cancelled in Oaxaca
March 29: Robert Fisk - US Fear and Power Games
March 29: New link on the Imperialism page - Imperialism and 'Empire' by John Bellamy Foster
March 28: The Global Ruling Class - the billionaires and how they made it (James Petras)
March 28: Four Years Later in Iraq -Where are the Laptop Bombardiers Now? Patrick Cockburn on the pro-war 'Left' (Counterpunch)
March 28: GLW review of Michael Lebowitz's book on the Venezualan revolution
March 28: US secret war on Iran
March 28: Patrick Bond - Mugabe, talks like a radical, acts like a reactionary
March 28: Blackwater: The rise of the world's most powerful private army
March 21: New on the Edward Said page - The Meaning of Dignity (about Rachel Corrie)
March 21: Perry Anderson' scathing article on Kofi Annan
March 17: Jeff Kisseloff's Generation on Fire reviewed. Book site here
March 17: The Sheridan affair revisited (Irish Socialist)
March 17: Zbigniew Brzezinski's book on the crisis of American superpower reviewed
March 17: Amy Goodman - Carlos' Way, Turning Grief into Action
March 17: According to US military theory, the war in Iraq is unwinnable
March 17: Iraq: Brutal home-grown counter-insurgency
March 15: Olivier Besancenot will be a candidate.
Leading LCR member Olivier Besancenot announced this evening that he now has 530 signatories from local mayors and other dignatories -and thus has passed the 500 barrier needed to become an official candidate in the upcoming presidential election. Visit the campaign site.
March 13: Thousands riots in China (Reuters); the same story from the BBC
March 13: John Bellamy Foster: The ecology of destruction
March 13: Monthly Review editors criticise Leo Panitch and Colin Leys on environment
March 11: The [US] students are stirring - a campus anti-war movement begins to make its mark
March 10: Angry crowds hunt Bush in Brazil
March 9: Visit by Bush fires Latins' debate over socialism - NYT
March 10: "600,000 marriages broken by Iraq war, including mine" - Stacy Bannerman
March 9: No, capitalism is not the only way to order human affairs - Andrew Murray (Guardian UK)
March 10: Theocratic agenda heading to a Statehouse near you
March 2: Franco Turigliatto statement to supporters
March 2: The Khyber Impasse: the case for withdrawal from Afghanistan - Tariq Ali
March 2: Where is the IST going? - Andy Newman (Socialist Unity Blog)
Feb 27: Casualties of Conscience - at military bases all over the US, soldiers are seeking a way out through desertion or early discharge (Der Spiegal)
Feb 27: Iraq is replacing Vietnam as a metaphor for tragedy - Andrew Lam
Feb 27: On the 'daily life' page, Ruth Rosen explains why US working women are stuck in the 1950s
Feb 26: Tony Blair finally concedes defeat in Iraq - Patrick Cockburn
Feb 26: New on the Ecosocialism page: Gregory Albo - The Limits of Eco-Localism
Feb 26: APPO comes back strong in Oaxaca - Narco News
Feb 26: Sam Gindin - Is Big Ship America Sinking?
"American capitalism and the American empire continue to have staying power. This is because of the absence of pressure from below. Without effective social resistance, American capital can restructure at the expense of the middle and working classes."
Feb 26: New on the Daily Life Under Neoliberalism page: Reversing the American Dream
Feb 26: Iranians worried by rumours of US attack
Feb 25: 100,000 on London anti-war demonstration (Socialist Worker UK)

The best banner on yestderday's demonstration: photo Liam Mac Uaid. Read his demo report at
Feb 25: British workers threatened by new wave of asset strippers
Feb 25: Dynamic Dinosaurs - Marcus Mulholland explains why "The greatest successes in industrial development and prosperity of the last fifty years have been produced by state ownership and investment, central planning and regulated monopoly rather than by the 'free market'."
Feb 25: Russian Ford workers Valentine's Day strike
Feb 25: The Soviet model and economic cold war - Marcus Mulholland
Feb 25: Iran attack plan being finalised (Global Research)
Feb 25: New on the Daily Life Under Neoliberalism page - Tesco wars
Feb 25: Emma Thompson calls on Tesco to respect workers' rights
Feb 25: Resource Wars - William K. Tabb (Monthly Review)
Feb 25: Brett Clark and John Bellamy Foster - Is the UN Global Warming Report too conservative? (MR Zine)
Feb 25: US tells Israel "don't talk to Syria"
Feb 23: New Page - daily life under neoliberalism
Feb 23: On the French Left - what's going on? Francois Duval defends the perspectives of the LCR
Feb 23: Italian government crisis - solidarity with Franco Turigliatto
Feb 17: Nationalisation Blues in Bolivia, Rock 'n Roll in Venezuela (Upside Down World)
Feb 16: RadicalJack - Jack Lieberman's radical T-shirt site. Note: goes up to size 5XL 'for larger comrades'!
Feb 16: Silent No More - unprecedemnted wave of strikes sweeps Egypt
Feb 16: Video - Debate on the Israel Lobby. John Mearsheimer confronts his critics
Feb 15: Martin Jacques: Anti-Muslim scapegoating is rolling back the gains of anti-racism
Feb 15: Perry Anderson - Russia's managed democracy (LRB)
Feb 15: CADTM statement of general strike in Guinea
Feb 15: ILO and ITUC call for guarantees on safety of Guinea trade union leaders
Feb 14: Oaxacan teachers support APPO and ninth megamarch
Feb 14: New link on the Ecosocialism page - Climate and Capitalism (blog edited by Ian Angus, Socialist Voice, Canada)
Feb 14: Change the system, not the climate - Norm Dixon, GLW
Feb 14: Australian water crisis - how the market economy is sucking the country dry (Tony Iltis-GLW)
Feb 12: Mike Davis - The Democrats after November (NLR)
Feb 12: Robert Brenner - Structure versus Conjuncture: the Democrats Victory and the Rightward Shift (NLR)
Feb 12: For neocons, an attack on Iran has been a six-year project - Larisa Alexandrova
Feb 12: Patrick Bond - WSF Nairobi - from 'NGO trade fair' to Left politics?
Feb 12: On the streets of Rio, an armed criminal wing of the state is emerging (Tom Phillips, London Observer)
Feb 11: John Pilger - A War Is Coming
Feb 10: Iran - Apocalypse Soon?
Feb 5: Marxist Internet Archive under attack
Feb 5: Blair faces endgame
Feb 3: The Water Crisis in Gaza - Alice Gray
Feb 3: What McDonalds resurgence shows us about US capitalism today
Jan 30: Anthony DiMaggio - Class Warfare and the Minimum Wage
Jan 30: Daniel Bensaid - The Return of Strategy
Jan 30: Farooq Tariq - This is not the World Social Forum I like to attend
Jan 30: WSF Nairobi - just another NGO fair?
Jan 30: Confronting the climate change crisis - Ian Angus, Socialist Voice, Canada
Jan 29: Robert Fisk - Lebanon, signs of civil war
Jan 29: Cuba - a controlled passage of power
Jan 29: Evil Hour in Colombia - Jeffery R Webber
Jan 25: US troops authorised to kill Iranians in Iraq
Jan 22: Women workers in the 'Chinese century' (wait for tiny url re-direct)
Jan 20: Iraq - the politics of the 'surge'
Jan 20: Martin Jaques on racism and Big Brother
Jan 11: United for Peace -March on Washington January 27
Jan 11: Visit the new Solidarity (US) site
January 11: Origins of the Cuban Revolution - Paul LeBlanc reviews Samuel Farber
Jan 10: The Big Trident Debate
Jan 9: 'Many dead' in US strikes on Somalia
Jan 9: Why did Ethiopia go to war against Somalia and why did the US support it?
Jan 9: Chavez announces nationalisations, consitutional reform for socialism
Jan 9: Chavez swears in new cabinet for 'Venezuelan Road to Socialism'
Jan 9: Venezuela plans to nationalise electricity and telecommunications
Jan 9: Saddam Lynching - The Whole Bloody Thing Was Obscene (Robert Fisk)
Jan 9: Louis Proyect on Gabriel Kolko's 'After Socialism'
Jan 9: Nato admits to killing 'too many' innocent civilians in Afghanistan (but then what would be the right number?)
Dec 28: Is the Empire really defeated? - John Bellamy Foster
Dec 25: Illegal Portraits - Patrick Scott
Dec 25: Pinochet escapes justice in death
Dec 25: How Britain's super-rich billionaires evade taxation
Dec 23: New Link: Partido Revolucion y Socialismo (Venezuela)
Dec 22:Tariq Ali - John Lennon, the FBI and Me
Dec 19: French CP local defects to the LCR (in French)
Dec 19: Iraq - abductions of women on the rise
Dec 17: Hugo Chavez announces end of MVR and the creation of a new United Socialist Party of Venezuela - Michael Lebowitz reports on Dec 16 rally in Caracas
Dec 17: Violence in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, between pro- and anti-Morales demonstrators
Dec 17: Robert Fisk - Who's Running Lebanon? (Lebanese Lobby)
Dec 17: George Monbiot - The Darkest Corner of my Mind
Dec 16: New on the Africa page: US role in Rawanda genocide
Dec 16: Adolfo Gilly - Mexico: Reflexions towards an independent Left (Mexico Labor News and Analysis)
Dec 16: New on the Latin America page, Carlos M. Vilas, Nicaragua - a revolution that fell from grace
Dec 15: Is 9/11 paranoia bad for America?

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