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April 29: Frank Furedi - What's wrong with the idea of Grumpy Old Men
April 29: The French elections and our strategic project - Daniel Bensaid
April 29: All change on the Italian Left - Franco Turigliatto , Salvatore Cannavò. As ex-Communists prepare to merge with ex-Christian Democrats, Rifondazione Comunista opts for a 'Left Party' based on 'social compromise' - and a new Critical Left begins its fight.
April 29: US lieutenant colonel says Iraq military leadership is a failure. A very interesting, but strangely apolitical, article which fails to grasp the political constrainsts facing imperialism.
April 29: New on the Russia page - Vladimir Popov and Tony Wood debate Russia (NLR)
April 29: New on the Documents Page: Stephen Graham - Postmortem City
April 28: Remembering Harry Ring - Gus Horowitz
April 28: John Bellamy Foster - The Financialization of Capitalism
April 28: Chavez Praises Trotsky's Transitional Programme
April 27: Rebellion and Massacre at Attica state prison remembered - Heather Anne Thompson (ATC)
April 26: Global Warming strikes Italian farmers
April 24: Italian Critical Left charts opposition to Prodi
April 24: Sicko - New Michael Moore film compares US healthcare with Cuba's:
April 23: Olivier Besancenot statement on French election outcome
April 21: Water crisis - interview with Fred Pearce
April 21: Chavez, Lula clash over ethanol
April 21: Sad Outcomes - Gabriel Kolko's After Socialism reviewed
April 19: John Pilger - The War Ahead
April 19: Rageh Omar - Strange Victory
April 18: Ecuador to sever IMF ties (Business Week)
April 18: Ecuador votes for Constituent Assembly
April 18: Imperial Sunset? - Aijaz Ahmad
April 18: The Pentagon's likely next target, and what key Democrats are saying about it
April 18: Beijing labourers dying in race for Olympic deadline
April 17: Amid echoes of 1968, a new kind of radicalism is growing on the NY campus
April 15: Climate Change - a Marxist Analysis - Terry Townsend (DSP)
April 15: Ecuador votes on new People's Assembly
April 15: Taking Liberties - Liberty, Privacy, A Fair Trial, Freedom of Speech, Prohibition from Torture…Think you know your rights?  Think again.
April 15: How the attack on Iran would unfold
April 13: New on the Daily Life page - Circuit City Slaughter
April 13: Bush's doomed plan for Baghdad - Robert Fisk
April 12: France - the Revolutionary Postman (Der Spiegal)
April 12: Coalition of Immokalee Workers forces concessions from McDonalds
April 12: Fallujah - the play: listen to the sound file on this site
April 12: The Iraqi resistance only exists to end the occupation - Haifa Zangana

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