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>>Latin America and Asia Pacific International Solidarity Forum: Melbourne, 11-18 October. Click here for details
>>JUST PUBLISHED! Take the Power to Change the World: Globalisation and the Debate on Power - including essays by John Holloway, Daniel Bensaid and Michael Lowy. 144 pages, £6,$12, € 9. Buy here (North America) or here (UK). More details here

>>NEW PAGE - Documentos y artículos en Español
August 17: The old Iran-Contra death squad gang is desperate to discredit Chavez - John Pilger
August 17: Marta Harnecker - Venezuela, blows and counter-blows [También en español en la página "artículos en Español"]
August 17: VIDEO - Daniel Bensaïd, Stratégie et parti (International Youth Camp video - mp3 format)
August 16: Venezuela community councils take centre stage
August 16: On the Spanish documents page, Marea clasista y Socialista no. 3 now posted
August 16: Allegations of beatings and sexual harassment by Spanish detainees in Mexico
August 16: Torture is alive and well in Oaxaca
August 16: Britain's crisis of inequality - Seamus Milne
August 15: New on the documents in Spanish page - Perry Anderson, 'La batalla de las ideas en la construcción de alternativas' PLUS James Petras ' Los gobiernos utilizan los ingresos fiscales para salvar a los Bancos'
August 15: Marxism for the 21st Century - a revolutionary tool or more scholasticism? Michael A. Lebowitz
August 15: Eyes Wide Shut: The international media looks at Venezuela
August 14: At an impasse? Anti-capitalism and the social forums today - Alex Callinicos and Chris Nineham (International Socialism)
August 14: Video - John Pilger on 'Resisting Empire' (Democracy Now)
August 14: ITV to screen Pilger's "War on democracy" in its entirety, Monday 20 August
August 14: Hollywood tears up script to make anti-war movies while conflict rages
August 13: Stock Market Meltdown - Mike Whitney
August 12: On the Spanish documents page "Denuncia Rosario Ibarra la detención ilegal en Oaxaca de cuatro españoles"
August 12: Mechanistic Destruction, US foreign policy at point zero - Gabriel Kolko
August 12: Civilian death toll rises in bloody battle for Helmand province
August 12: US army crisis in Iraq
August 11: New on the Spanish documents page - Marea Clasista y Socialista no 2
August 11: International demonstrations on climate change, 8 December 2007
August 11: The anti-war movement and the Iraqi resistance
August 10: Daniel Tanuro - Fossil fuel, anti-capitalism and climate
August 10: Liquidity fears send stock markets tumbling - Reuters
August 10: World stock markets slump - Guardian UK
August 10: British losses soar as they prepare to leave Basra city
August 10: New on the Ecosocialism page - Pharmaceuticals in Our Water Supply Are Causing Bizarre Mutations to Wildlife
August 10: German rail workers fight for right to strike
August 10: The Pentagon Sends Messengers of Apocalypse to Convert Soldiers in Iraq - Max Blumenthal
August 10: Unseen by Western media, Darfur edges towards peace - Jonathan Steele
August 8: STWC World against War international conference, London 1 December (pdf)
August 8: Stop the War Coalition, Afghanistan war conference, 15 September flyer (pdf)
August 8: CND, New cold war/missile defence conference, 1 September flyer (pdf)
August 8: CND briefing on trident replacement (pdf)
August 8: John Foot: The rendition of Abu Omar (LRB)
August 8: Mass abstentions in Oaxaca state elections show lack of confidence in centre-left PRD
August 7: Patrick Cockburn - The failure of the Surge in Iraq: special report
August 7: Robert Fisk - Lebanese strike a blow at US-backed government
August 6: Hiroshima Day - why the US dropped the bomb
Augusts 6: Ten years since the UPS strike - globalisation and inequality (MRzine)
August 6: Jeffery R. Webber - Bolivia, Transition on Hold (Solidarity US)
August 6: Kautsky's classic Foundations of Christianity republished
August 3: Venezuela, the struggle for workers power - Stuart Monkton
August 3: Sean Penn applauds as Chavez blasts Bush
August 3: John Pilger - The shooting of Imad Ghanem -How Truth slips down the Memory Hole
August 2: Pepsi forced to admit it's selling bottled tap water
August 1: Second Encounter between Zapatistas and People of the Worlf (Oventik, Chiapas)
August 1: Iraq for Sale (a Robert Greenwald film)
August 1: The New Rulers of the World - John Pilger exposes neoliberal globalisation
August 1: Breaking the Silence - John Pilger's ITV documentary exposing the 'war on terror'
August 1: Iraq Conspiracy (YouTube video)
August 1: Iraq - the women's story (Google video from Dispatches)
August 1: Chavez - New Statesman readers deserve better. Hands Off Venezuela replies to the recent lamentable NS article attacking the Bolivarian revolution, a growing trend among sections of the liberal and social democratic 'left' in Britain.
August 1: Paraguay - a laboratory for the new militarism in Latin America
July 31: Die Linke - German Left parties merge
July 31: Private army: James Meek reviews Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army by Jeremy Scahill (LRB)
July 31: Criminal gangs - a euphemism for Black youth: Mary Scully
July 31: War on drugs really means war on Black youth - Mary Scully
July 31: In Princes' Pockets: Tariq Ali reviews two books on Saudi Arabia
July 31: Ian Birchall reviews Pessimism of the Intellect?: a History of New Left Review (ISJ)
July 31: George Monbiot - Ethical Shopping is just another way to show how rich you are
July 31: George Monbiot replies to Hamilton (NLR)
July 31: Clive Hamilton reviews George Monbiot's 'Heat' (NLR)
July13: John Coltrane - where would he have gone next?
July 12: Interviews with US veterans show the pattern of brutality in Iraq.Click HERE to read the full report at The Nation magazine.
July 12: US mining company in dock over Colombia murders
July 12: Robert Fisk - Lest we forget Baha Mousa
July 11: Venezuela - Behind the Che bandanas, shades of potential militias
July 11: American 'Black Ops' - Oscar Reyes
July 11: Video:Seymour Hersh outlines Bush's lunatic plans for Iran
July 11: The Delphi Agreement: US Labor Takes Another Hit
by Richard D. Vogel
July 11: International Viewpoint June 2007 - complete issue as pdf
July 11: Callinicos/Monckton - Venezuela debate
July 11: US Social Forum - Judy Rebick
July 11: US social forum calls for investigation into 9/11
July 11: Barricades mounted as hundreds of thousands march in Oaxaca June 14
July 11: Tariq Ali - New Clashes in Islamabad (Counterpunch)
July 7: As in 2002, the Revolution Will be Defended with Popular and Worker Articulation and Mobilization

Chavez raLLY
The big Hugo Chavez in this picture is a banner portrait. The
genuine article is the tiny figure speaking (bottom, centre)

June 26: Chavez tells army "Be ready for guerrilla war against US"
June 25: Venezuela and the International Struggle for Socialism - Rogger Annis and John Riddell (Socialist Voice, Canada)
June 25: A business reporter's insights in to state and bureacracy in China (David Barboza, NYT)
June 24: New on the Daily Life page - the Precariat strikes back
JUne 24: Farooq Tariq - Fifteen days in jail under the Musharaf dictatorship
June 24: Greg Gandin - Free speech is alive and well in Venezuela
June 23: Summer Reading
June 23: Why boycott Israel? As Britain's largest union UNISON votes to boycott Israel, college lecturer Steven Rose explains why his union also made this move
June 22: Private equity companies - new vultures of capitalism (Socialist Worker UK)
June 22: Super-rich paying no income tax
June 22: Private equity capitalists pay less tax than cleaners
June 22: New on the Daily Life page: What vacation days? Richest nation USA denies its workers mandatory holiday and sickness days - David Moberg
June 22: Jonathan Steele - Hamas acted on the very real fear of an American-sponsored coup
June 22: Michael Warschawski - A Return to the 1950s? The Bishara Affair
June 22: Venezuela to create "200 socialist companies"
June 22: An American student's perspective on the Venezuelan revolution
June 22: Living on Cuba's rationed food
June 22: Struggle over fate of Chile's southern rivers
June 22: Cerámica de Cuyo: A Profile of Worker Control in Argentina
June 18: Video and audio from Michael Lebowitz forum on Venezuela and 21st Century Socialism (also with Greg Albo and Daniela Chacon) - Socialist Project [mp3]
Sinistra Critica
June 17: Cannavò’s farewell - Critical Left senator slams Fausto Bertinotti and says Communist Refoundation is finished as an expression of radicalism and the social movements
June 16: Naomi Klein - why war and occupation is good for Israeli business
June 16: Behind the rise of Hamas - Gilbert Achcar
This article commenting on the 2006 electoral victory of Hamas explains
the background to its spectacular rise. We will post comment on the Gaza putsch soon.
June 16: Jonathan Steele - No military solution in Afghanistan
June 16: Inconvenient truths about the Lockerbie bombing - Hugh Miles (LRB)
June 16: Climate Change Wars - Clive Hamilton reviews George Monbiot's 'Heat' (NLR)
June 16: South Africa public sector strike intensifies
June 16: Community Television in Argentina: Ágora TV, a Window for Liberation - Marie Trigona
June 16: Why I've been skipping to the Sports - Paul Street takes aim at the "mainstream" American media
June 14: First anniversary of state's bloody attack on Oaxaca popular movement
June 13: End of the road for the Labour left
June 11: John Pilger - British army rebels
June 11: After mega-drought Australia faces storms and flood - Global Warming in action
June 11: Do Zionists run America? - Allen Ruff takes on James Petras' view of 'Zioncons'
June 11: Indonesia's democratic movement under attack - Max Lane
June 10: Behind Venezuela's "student rebellion" - who's pulling the strings?
June 9: G8 Summit - what they said and what they meant (Independent UK)
June 9: The battle over the media in Venezuela is about race as well as class - Richard Gott
caracas march
June 9: Chavez accuses US of 'soft coup' attempt in Venezuela
June 9: Private army Blackwater sues families of slain employees
June 9: John Bellamy Foster - New War on the Planet?
June 8: Frontline Latin America - newspaper published by the Colombia Solidarity Campaign (UK) - pdf format
June 8: Take Action over Colombian Flower Workers
June 7: American radical reporter John Ross surveys continuing resistance and debates in Oaxaca
June 7: Zero greenhouse gas emissions?
June 7: French election policy - Minority Report
June 6: LCR leader replies to critics on French presidential election
June 5: Left versus right in cyberspace - the battle against fascism in Second Life (Frontline)
June 5: Dispatches documentary on women in Iraq (hosted at New Socialist)
June 4: Rostock - Massive protest at G8 summit
June 4: RCTV and freedom of speech in Venezuela - Gregory Wilpert
June 3: Tens of thousands march to support Chavez over TV closure
June 2: The current counter-revolutionary offensive in Venezuela and how to defeat it - Yonie Moreno and William Sanabria (CMR Venezuela)
June 1: New on the Ecosocialism page - corporate greed drives Murray-Darling crisis
June 1: Global Warming debate - George Monbiot on 'Alexander Cockburn and the corruption of science"
June 1: Police fire stun grenades at Cosatu strikers
July 31: John Pilger - Imprisoning a whole nation
July 31: Sharon Smith - The death of triangulation politics?
May 29: Protests for and against RCTV continue in Caracas
May 29: Leading British voices urge support for Venezuelan government decision on RCTV
May 29: Private army Blackwater opens fire in Baghdad
May 29: Shadowy air war in Iraq. Nick Turse asks how many people are being killed by US air attacks which are mainly unreported.
May 29: Venezuela's RCTV: Sine Die and Good Riddance
May 26: Freedom of expression in Venezuela and the non-renewal of RCTV's licence – Hands Off Venezuela!!
May 23: Police violence in Montpellier
May 23: Media Workers slam Guardian article on Iran offensive
May 22: Dubai - Sun, Sand and Slavery
May 22: Why working less is better for the planet
May 22: How Rumsfeld was suckered by the "revolution in military affairs" - Andrew Cockburn
May 22: Pro-Iran militias, not British army, control Basra
May 20: "If we don't deal with climate change we condemn hundreds of millions to death" - George Monbiot
May 8: Walden Bellow - World Social Forum at the Crossroads
May 8: Letter from Nacho del Valle, Sentenced to 67 Years in Prison: "Who can imprison the fury of a volcano?"
May 7: Socialist Worker New Zealand challenges IST over Venezuela
May 6: Wal-Mart's union busting tactics
May 5: Jenni Russell - Civility is about social solidarity
May 5: UN scientists warn time is running out on climate change
May 5: Alexander Cockburn debates George Monbiot on global warming
May 2: Hundreds of thousands march for immigrant rights in US on May Day (Democracy Now - read or watch with RealPlayer)
May 2: Mass suicides by Indian farmers - the shape of things to come: Arun Shrivastava (Global research)
May 2: Chavez seizes foreign-owned oilfields
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