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Updates and Features
Nov 30: Venezuela - CIA destabilisation memo surface: James Petras (Counterpunch)
Nov 30: Myths of military progress
Nov 27: 120 war veterans commit suicide every week
Nov 27: Venezuela at the Crossroads - Guillermo Almeyra (IVP)
Nov 27: Chavez warns of destabilisation plans
Nov 27: Chavez puts relations with Colombia "in the freezer"
Nov 27: Massive student show of support for Venezuela constitutional reform
Nov 27: Why the Middle East peace talks are a charade: Annapolis, or the absurdity of postmodern politics - Khaled Hroub (Open Democracy)
Nov 27: The LCR, star of the march (Liberation)
Nov 21: Balance sheet of the Respect Renewal launch conference - Nick Wrack
Nov 21: The Militarisation of Space - Stan Cox: see also Space: America's new war zone
Nov 21: Shame on US - Ronan Bennett attacks Martin Amis for racism
Nov 21: Appeal by Russian intellectuals and leftists on the 90th anniversary of the Russian revolution
Nov 21: Venezuela Reform Battle Continues - Frederico Fuentes (GLW via Znet)
Nov 21: The Sub-Prime Market Crisis - Nomi Prins (Solidarity US)
Nov 21: Even if you've got nothing to hide, there is plenty to fear - Jenni Russell attacks com-placent trust of the state (Guardian UK)
Nov 21: VIDEOS - Toronto launch of the 2008 Socialist Register "Global Flashpoints". Features talks by Leo Panitch, Aijaz Ahmad, Sabah Alnasseri and others - Relay. Read more at the Socialist Register site
Nov 21: Slavoj Žižek - Resistance is Surrender. This acute article is a critique of Julian Critchley's Infinitely Demanding. It should really be entitled 'Mere Resistance' is surrender. His target is 'postmodern socialists' who reject all attempts to change the system or take power, but content themselves with 'resistance'.
Nov 21: Thousand take to streets as strikes cripple France
Nov 21: Michael A Lebowitz - Without Workers Self-Management there can be no Socialism
Nov 20: Nick Wrack speech to Respect Renewal Conference
Respect renewal conference
Nov 17: 400 people attended the Respect Renewal
conference in London. Left to right: George Galloway MP;
Kevin Ovenden; Linda Smith; Ken Loach; Salma Yaqoob
>>More photos here
Nov 16: Socialist Resistance pamphlet on the crisis in Respect (pdf)
Nov 16: SWP internal bulletin with articles about the debate over Respect (pdf)
Nov 14: French workers strike against Sarkozy reforms
Nov 14: France faces largest strike wave in years
Nov 14: Strikes paralyse rail in France, Germany
Nov 14: Sleepy German town awakens to far right threat
Nov 14: Dual Power in the Venezuelan revolution
Nov 12: Interview with Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater (Video - truthout)
Nov 12: What's at stake in Venezuela's reform referendum?
Nov 11: 2007 - Year of Climate Change Catastrophe: Phil Hearse
Nov 11: What is Ecosocialism? - interview with Ian Angus, editor of Climate and Capitalism
Nov 11: Fidel Castro autobiography major publishing event - Seumas Milne
Nov 11: In the Kandil mountains with the PKK - Patrick Cockburn
Nov 10: Opposition to war reaches new high in US, depite reports of reduced violence
Nov 10: Robert Fisk - Rendition
Nov 7: Former Venezuelan Defence Minister and Chavez ally denounces consitutional reforms
Nov 4: Destruction and Corruption: The Jungle Adventures of an Oil Company in Ecuador - Agneta Enstrom
Nov 3: Musharraf-army coup in Pakistan
Nov 3: The environmental movement in the global South: the pivotal agent in the fight against global warming - Walden Bello
Nov 3: 90 years since the Russian revolution - David Mandel
Nov 3: Audio - Mike Davis interviewed about Isaac Deutscher on the 100th anniversary of his birth. Contains excerpts from Deutscher's extradordinary 1965 speech at the first US Vietnam teach-in, denouncing the role of Stalinism in restoring European capitalism after WW2 (Real Player, via New Socialist - this file may take some time to download)
Nov 3: Undocumented in America (NLR)
Nov 3: Ecosocialists international network
Nov 2: Respect Renewal conference appeal
Nov 2: John Lister and Alan Thornett: Respect - Beyond fake unity
Nov 2: New on the Daily Life page - whatever happened to the good life?
Nov 2: Debate in the IST on Venezuela - Ian Angus, Socialist Voice
Nov 2: Gap Kids - New Frontiers in Child Abuse
Nov 2: California Fire Disaster - the person who predicted it, Mike Davis on the Collision of Capitalism and Nature. See also: California Arsonist (introduction by Tom Englehart)
Nov 2: The German Left in Troubled Times
Oct 2: Argentina: El triunfo de Cristina Kirchner favorece a las clases enriquecidas - James Petras (Spanish)
Oct 31. Respect does not belong to the SWP - Salma Yaqoob and Linda Smith
Oct. 29. The Big Lie - How the SWP's bureaucratic factionalism has wrecked Respect
Oct 16: Respect crisis and SWP expulsions: Socialist Resistance here; Mac Uaid here; Socialist Unity blog here and here
Oct 16: Chavez cements ties with Cuba in growing anti-US alliance (includes video)
Oct 11: Reviewing "Rulers and Ruled in the American Empire"
Oct 11: Changing Venezuela by Taking Power - Gregory Wilpert
Oct 9: Democracy Now - The Life & Legacy of Latin American Revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara: Forty Years After His Death
Oct 9: New on the Spanish documents page: Evo Morales salutes the memory of Che Guevara
October 9: Leftists mark 40th anniversary of the death of Che
Oct 9: Photos from the life and death of Che Guevara
Oct 8: Thousands march to La Higuera to remember Che
Oct 8: Latin America pays tribute to Che Guevara
Oct 6: John Pilger - My Last Coversation with Aung Sang Suu Kyi
Oct 6: Chevron Pipline is the Burmese Junta's Lifeline - Amy Goodman
Oct 6: Behind the Picket Line - UK postal workers explain why they're on strike
Oct 5: German train drivers plunge country into chaos
Oct 4: German national rail strike set for Friday
Oct 4: US auto workers union in historic surrender to GM
Oct 4: The Cold Type reader issue 17 - includes articles by Fisk, Pilger and Chalmers Johnson, plus a fascinating article on the building of sports stadia as a substitute for urban policy (London Olympics enthusiasts take note)
Oct 4: Gabriel Kolko - Will the US attack Iran?
Sept 30: Robert Brenner - Deflating Bubbleconomics
Sept 30: The Chinese Road (NLR)
Sept 29: Did the US airforce refuses to fly nuclear-armed cruise missiles to the Middle East?
Sept 29: Why did Israel attack Syria?
Sept 29: Naomi Klein - Thans a million Ayn Rand, for setting the greedy free
Sept 29: Dilip Hiro: How Bush's Iraq oil grab went awry
Sept 28: Indonesian left and social movements support Burmese uprising
Sept 25: Burma deploys riot police, soldiers after fresh protests
Sept 25: 73,000 General Motors workers strike over healthcare and job security
Sept 25: Jena protests ignite a movement
Sept 25: British education system fails children by teaching them to parrot, not think - Jenni Russell
Sept. 19: VIDEO: FREE SPEECH IN AMERICA - Student tasered, faces 5 years in jail, for asking John Kerry awkward question about his refusal to fight Republican electoral fraud.
Sept 19: Bush plans directed against Iran - Michael Chossudovsky
Sept 18: German Greens in turmoil as leadership defeated over supporting troops in Afghanistan (Der Spiegal) . See also ->Germany wrestles with keeping troops in Afghanistan (Herald Tribune)
Sept 16: New on the Spanish documents page - Marea Clasista y Socialista no. 4
Sept 16: Hundreds arrested in US anti-war march
Sept 16: John Pilger - Class is still the issue
Sept 15: Ken Loach interview about his new film "It's a Free World"
Sept 15: "The decision to attack Iran has already been taken" - analysts
Sept 15: The Crash of 2007-8 is underway
Sept 15: Alexander Cockburn - Whatever happened to the anti-war movement?
Sept 14: New rise of Argentinean workers struggles
Sept 14: Assessing the Oaxaca Struggle(Monthly Review)
Sept 12: Cuban healthcare: first world results on a third world budget
12 Sept: Venezuela unions call on workers to join Chavez's PSUV
11 Sept: The US will loose the war, whatever it does - Gabriel Kolko (Der Spiegal online)
10 Sept: Naomi Klein - The Age of Disaster Capitalism (Guardian G2)
10 Sept: Under Seige - what the 'surge' really means
Sept 8: Jean Bricmont: What will happen when China is rich - the class struggle will no longer be offshored
Sept 8: Ghada Karmi - Israel's Cost to the Arabs (LMD)
Sept 8: Avatars of the World Unite! - Unions plan virtual action against IBM
Sept 7: Naomi Klein's new book "a lightening rod"
Sept 7: Jean Bricmont - Why Bush can get away with attacking Iran
Sept 7: Iran - the Next Quagmire, Chris Hedges
Sept 7: Bush Plans war on Iran - Marjorie Cohn
Sept 7: Louis Proyect on DVDs about Ernest Mandel
Sept 5: US Middle East Wars: social opposition and political impotence - James Petras
Sept 4: On the Spanish documents page - Video: Trotsky en el TV Venezolana
Sept 3: Daniel Bensaid takes issue with Mandel's theories of Stalinism and 'abundance' under socialism
September 3: Video on the Spanish documents page - Hugo Chavez at the Asemblea Nacional de Batallones Socialistas
Sept 3: Chavez urges all-out support for Venezuela constitutional reform
Sept 3: New on the Spanish documents page - interview with the FARC
Sept 3: South Africa and Global Financial Apartheid -Dennis Brutus and Patrick Bond
Sept 3: Environment - dirt isn't so cheap after all
Sept 3: George Monbiot - How did we get into this mess?
Sept 3: Will Bush bomb Iran? (Telegraph)
Sept 2: Doug Henwood - Roots of the Current Financial Crisis
Sept 2: Colombia campaign seeks to make water access a constitutional right (Upside Down World)
Sept 2: Savage Capitalism, the Ecosocialist Alternative - HTML version
Sept 1: New Orleans hit by another "Hurricane of Racism, Greed and Corruption" - Democracy Now!
September 1 : George Golloway's letter to Respect national council
September 1: Bolivia - MAS to mobilise for consitutional change
August 29: New on the 'Daily Life' page - Madeleine Bunting on the murder of Rhys Jones
August 28: US preparing for 'massive attack' on Iran
August 28: Savage Capitalism - the Ecosocialist Alternative: Discussion document for Socialist Resistance AGM 1/09/07 (if you previously failed to load the file from here, try again)
August 28: Robert Fisk - Questioning the truth about 9/11
August 28: A Boycott of Israel, Something has Changed - John Pilger
August 26: Amazing video - police provocateurs exposed by union leader Dave Coles during protests at Mondello summit of North American leaders, August 20
August 26: Growing Crisis in Bolivia - Federico Fuentes, Boliva Rising
August 26: Brawl in Bolivian Congress over Constitutional Tribunal
August 26: The Struggle for Bolivia's Future - Federico Fuentes, Monthly Review

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John Lennon and Yoko Ono - Power to the People
Mass murder of women in Guatemala
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Bensaid - Theses of Resistance (pdf)
William K Tabb - The power of the rich
Klein - Disaster capitalism
Panitch - Theory, Democracy and the Left
Petras - Derailed revolution in Argentina (pdf)
MacKenzie and Tate - Resistance on the Mexican "Riviera"
Mike Davis - Monster at the Door
Gowan - US triumphing towards defeat (pdf)
Jameson - Fear and loathing in globalisation
Malcolm Bull on Negri and Hardt
Changer le monde sans prendre le pouvoir ? - Phil Hearse
Aguila Mora and Gonzalez - Mexican Strategy
Ebert: Red Feminism
Taming Sinn Fein
Lebowitz - The knowledge of a better world
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