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Archive 7: March-July 2006

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Updates and Features
31 July: The Bolivarian revolution at the Crossroads - Fernando Esteban
31 July: Changing Venezuela by Taking Power - Derrick O'Keefe reviews Gregory Wilpert's important new book (Socialist Voice)
30 July: SSP's Glasgow East video
30 July: The SSP's Richie Venton on the outcome of the Glasgow East by-election
28 July: Terry Eagleton's "The Meaning of Life" reviewed (by someone who didn't quite gets its utterly Marxist conclusion, but there you are)
28 July: Luxury Slums, review of 'Planet of Slums' and 'Evil Paradises'
28 July: If Socialism Fails - the spectre of 21st century barbarism (Ian Angus, Socialist Voice)
28 July: Chalmers Johnson - The Vast and Dangerous Transfer of American Spying to Private Companies
11 July: Ecology - the moment of truth; John Simon reviews the new book by John Bellamy Foster, Brett Clark, and Richard York
11 July: How Britain wages war - John Pilger
11 July: Paradoxes of Latin American development - James Petras
11 July: Fidel Castro and the FARC: Eight Mistaken Thesis of Fidel Castro - James Petras
11 July: Why a global economic deluge looms - Gabriel Kolko
9 July: Characteristics of the experiences underway in Ecuador, Venezuela and Bolivia - Eric Toussaint (CADTM)
9 July: Colombia - blood on Britain's hands (Jeremy Dear, general secretary of the UK journalists' union)
9 July: Big stakes in Venezuela's November regional elections - KIraz Kanicke and Frederico Fuentes
9 July: Non-aligned countries endorse Venezuela's proposal for alternative world media
9 July: Bolivia unveils Che's final diaries
6 July: Mexican army steps up harassment of Zapatistas (Life on the Left blog)
6 July: The Spectre of Socialism for the 21st Century - Michael Lebowitz (Links)
5 July: Interview with Seoul global justice protestors at the G8 summit (Znet via New Socialist)
5 July: Iraq oil deals are the biggest stick up in history - Naomi Klein
5 July: Italy - victory of the right, suicide of the left: Salvatore Cannavò, IVP
4 July: Massacre! How the 1968 repression transformed Mexico
4 July: The World's Water Future - Mike Muller
29 June: Socialist Voice debate on Revolutionary Organisation Today: Part 2 - John Riddell and Paul Le Blanc
29 June: Socialist Voice debate on Revolutionary Organisation Today: Part 1 - Paul Le Blanc
29 June: From Marx to Morales (John Riddell, Socialist Voice)
29 June: Green fascism and the greening of hate (Climate and Capitalism)
29 June: Armed revolution in Latin America is over says Chavez (Independent UK)
29 June: Deals with Iraq are set to bring oil giants back (NY Times)
29 June: Class Struggle, Fossil Fuels and Environmental Catastrophe - Hans G. Ehrbar (MRZine)
29 June: Ecstasy is key to treating post traumatic stress disorder
29 June: Real News Video - US backs succession in Bolivia (Forest Hylton)
29 June: Doug Henwood - the Global Power Elite
27 June: Bush is trying to impose a classic colonial status on Iraq - Seumas Mile (Guardian UK)
17 June: Bolivia's racist onslaught (César Navarro, New Statesman)
17 June: James Petras - The Structural Roots of Hunger, Food Crises and Riots
17 June: James Petras interview on Hugo Chavez, the FARC, Barak Obama and other questions
17 June: John Pilger - In the great tradition, Obama is a hawk
17 June: Naomi Klein - Obama's Chicago Boys
16 June: The Greatest Story Never Told, finally the US mega bases in Iraq make the news - Tom Engelhart
15 June: Mark Steel on Che Guevara (Video)
15 June: Video - Reading Marx's Capital with David Harvey- part 1
15 June: Video - David Harvey, A Brief History of Neoliberalism
15 June: Obama and McCain don't get Latin America - Richard Gott
15 June: US Midwest floods threaten more food price rises - toxic mix of agribusiness, speculation and climate change
15 June: Fidel Castro: Obama and Cuba
15 June: Nepal: Revolution on the Roof of the World - Vijay Prashad (ZSpace)
14 June: Does Lenin Still Matter? - Paul Le Blac, Helen Scott and Lars Lih
11 June: Venezuela minster slams FAO conference, says food crisis is greatest indictment of capitalist system
9 June: Emerging Epic Recession? - Jack Rasmus, Z Magazine
9 June: The West's weapon of mass delusion - Robert Fisk, Independent
9 June: The Biq Squeeze - tough times for the American worker
9 June: The Economy - Why it's worse than you think (Daniel Gross, Newsweek)
9 June: Che Guevara's final verdict on the Soviet economy - John Riddell (Socialist Voice)
2 June: The Gods of Greed - How the bankers wrecked the future of millions (Guardian UK)
2 June: Climate Change Forum June 14-15 London
30 May: Ernest Tate - On the Secret Internal Police Reports about the 1968 mobilizations against the Vietnam war in in London, England
30 May: Paul Mason's BBC Newsnight report on the secret police files on the 1968 VSC demmonstrations
29 May: Poland March '68 - the rise and fall of the left opposition (Jan Malewski, International Viewpoint)
29 May: Socialist Resistance day school on broad left parties, 28 June
27 May: New Labour: Chronicles of a Death Foretold - Phil Hearse
27 May: Living on the breadline in Cairo - Guardian UK video on the effect of rising food prices for one Egyptian family
26 May: The buying of 'democracy' agents in Cuba - Nelson P. Valdes
26 May: Spinning the news - the FARC, Venezuela and Interpol
26 May: The battle for labor's future (LA Times)
26 May: Celia Hart - World in Revolt (video)
17 May: When Kosygin and Andropov opposed the invasion of Afghanistan. The National Security Archive of George Washington University has posted documents revealing the 1979 debates among Soviet leaders over crisis in Afghanistan. In these Politburo minutes from March 1979 both Andropov and Kosygin predicted catastrophe if Russian troops were sent crush the Afghan rebels (pdf - English translation, cover page in Russian). Nine months later they voted for the invasion and their predictions came true.
17 May: US promoting secession in Bolivia: Nicholas Kozloff (Counterpunch)
15 May: Israel's 60th anniversay - Expulsion and dispossession can't be cause for celebration: Seumas Milne (Guardian, UK)
15 May: Rising fuel costs provoke public transport strikes in Nicaragua (Mneesha Gellman and Josh Dankoff, Upside Down World)   
15 May: US re-establishing its Latin American naval intervention force (Victor Figueroa Clarke, Upside Down World)
13 May: Einstein's view of religion - "childish superstitions": a little known letter from Albert Einstein outlines his views on religion in general and Judaism in particular (Guardian UK)
13 May: Food Crisis - Capitalism, Agribusiness and the Food Sovereignty Alternative: Part 2 of Ian Angus' pathbreaking article
13 May: Labour Party - You can't revive a corpse (Mick Hume - Spiked)
12 May: Juarez Mothers Demand Justice for their Murdered Daughters (Kent Paterson, Americas program via Znet)
12 May: Dusk on Planet Earth - Bill McKibben
11 May: Global Famine - Michael Chossudovsky (Global Research)
11 May: Evo Morales and the Red Ponchos - Partick Irelan (Counterpunch)
11 May : Louis Proyect - Bloodbath at Goldman-Sachs
11 May: Lopez Obrador, the PRD, EZLN and the Defense of Mexico's Oil
11 May: Success of Hizbollah offensive casts doubts on ability of government to survive (CSM)
11 May: Who won in Bolivia? - Marta Harnecker (Rebelión via Machetera)
11 May: Right wing push in Bolivia - Frederico Fuentes (Bolivia Rising)
10 May: Gordon Brown , Big Business and Global Poverty
Gilbert Achcar, the foremost Marxist expert on the Middle East 10 May: Lebanon background - Lebanon and the Middle East Crisis, interview with Gilbert Achcar (ISR)
10 May: Hizbullah seizes control of West Beirut
10 May: Visit the new site of Socialist Worker (US)
Cochabama for Morales
8 May: Thousands of supporters of Bolivian President Evo Morales demonstrated yesterday in the streets of Cochabamba to protest the holding of a referendum on autonomy in the region of Santa Cruz, the richest in Bolivia, where the “yes” carried . The vote, which provoked a sporadic flare-up of violence in this eastern region, has been denounced as illegal by Morales, who says his government will not accept it.

Respect campaigning in East London. George Galloway
(third left) with Hanif Abdulmuhit (second left) and Kevin
May 6: Respect and the local elections - Nick Wrack and Alan Thornett
May 5: Michael Parenti - Intelligent Design, the new-style Creationism
May 5: Individual versus social solutions to climate change - Terry Townsend (Links)
May 5: Venezuela's labour movement at the crossroads plus Stalin Borges Perez on May Day (Venezuelanalysis via Links)
May 5: In Defence of Marxism gets spiked (Louis Proyect, Unrepentant Marxist) - How the Grantitites have turned to climate change denial
May 4: Chavez announces 30% increase in minimum wage as 300,000 march
May 4: Video - May '68 by Daniel Bensaid (French language only)
May 4: The Bank Crisis - Ian MacWhirter (New Statesman)
May 4: 'Adelitas' shut down Mexico Congress and stop sneak privatisation of Mexican oil
May 3: Centre left collapsing as Europe swings right - Phil Hearse
May 3: Italy - An anti-capitalist left, incompatible with war and neoliberalism, in the light of the demise of Rifondazione: Salvatore Cannavò
May 2: Ian Angus - Food crisis, the greatest demonstration of the failure of the capitalist model (Socialist Voice)
May 1st - May Day Reports and Photos

April 28: How the rich are starving the world - Mark Lynas (New Statesman)
April 27: Nick Turse - The Military-Entertainment Complex

April 27: Nick Turse: The Real Matrix - the Pentagon invades your life

April 27: Our reign of terror, by the Israeli army (Independent UK)
April 26: Benedict Anderson - Exist Suharto, obituary for a mediocre tyrant (NLR)
April 26: The Alberta Tar Sands - the Biggest Environmental Crime in History (Independent UK)
April 26: Latin American leftist leaders vow to fight food price increases
April 26: Michael A. Lebowitz - The Capitalist Workday and the Socialist Workday
April 23: The Oaxaca Commune, Socialist Project booklet - pdf
April 22: Eight reasons our changing world will make you an environmentalist, like it or not - Alternet
April 22: New link - Socialist Party of Malaysia
April 22: Malaysia - New launched people's alliance claims it can topple government: S. Arutchelvan interviewed by Peter Boyle (Links)
April 21: Video - John Bellamy Foster on Capitalism and Climate Change at conference organised by Green Left Weekly (MRZine)
April 21: Patrick Cockburn - A New Struggle is Beginning in Iraq
April 20: South African union stops arms shipment to Mugabe
April 20: International union condemns murder of journalists in Oaxaca
April 20: Decline of US industrial wages -Louis Uchitelle (New York Times)
April 20: Pentagon institute calls Iraq war a "major debacle" with outcome in doubt
April 20: Greg Albo - China and the World Market:
Thirty Years of the ‘Reform’ Policy
April 7: Greg Tucker has died
April 6: Italy - the Critical Left faces the elections
sinistra critica logo
April 6: Italy - a left with the hammer and sickle, therefore “Communist”, but also “ecologist and feminist”
April 6: Frontline Latin America, Colombia Solidarity newspaper - pdfs of current and back issues
April5: From false to real solutions on climate change (Patrick Bond, Climate and Capitalism)
April 5: Hanoi Nike strike ends as workers wins big pay increase
April 4: Cuba's organic revolution
April 4: Video: The Greed Game and the Super Rich (BBC iPlayer)
April 4: The failure of journalism in Iraq: David Edwards, ZNet

Key Links
socialist resistance

Important past articles you may have missed
John Lennon Power to the People
John Lennon and Yoko Ono - Power to the People
Mass murder of women in Guatemala
Martha Harnecker -Social movements, sectoral movements
Lowy - Dialectics and Revolution
Bensaid - Theses of Resistance (pdf)
William K Tabb - The power of the rich
Klein - Disaster capitalism
Panitch - Theory, Democracy and the Left
Petras - Derailed revolution in Argentina (pdf)
MacKenzie and Tate - Resistance on the Mexican "Riviera"
Mike Davis - Monster at the Door
Gowan - US triumphing towards defeat (pdf)
Jameson - Fear and loathing in globalisation
Malcolm Bull on Negri and Hardt
Changer le monde sans prendre le pouvoir ? - Phil Hearse
Aguila Mora and Gonzalez - Mexican Strategy
Ebert: Red Feminism
Taming Sinn Fein
Lebowitz - The knowledge of a better world
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Pentagon's weather nightmare
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