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Articles from March-July 2008 are now in archive 15 (left column). Embedded videos may not work with Opera, try Firefox or Flock.
Dec 1: This was not global jihad, its roots are much closer to home - Misha Glenny
Dec 1: Venezuela trade unionists shot, workers call for armed self defence (venezuelanalysis)
Nov 29: Mumbai attack: India's leaders need to look closer to home - Tariq Ali (Counterpunch via Znet)
Nov 29: Peter Camejo's clarion call (Socialist Worker US)
Nov 29: The crisis - notes on alternatives: Sam Gindin (The Bullet)
Nov 29: Monopoly-finance capital and the crisis - John Bellamy Foster (MRzine)
Nov 29: Thailand: Anti-government PAD thugs want dictatorship to replace democracy - Giles Ji Ungpakorn (MRzine)
Nov 29: John Pilger - The corruption that makes an unpeople of an entire nation
Nov 29: The Mumbai attacks - Justin Podur (MRzine)
Nov 29: Towards the foundation of a new anti-capitalist party: Pierre Rousset (International Viewpoint)
Nov 29: Debate 1) Where is the radical left going, Alex Callinicos (international Socialism) 2) The NPA, a new experience of building an anti-capitalist party (Francois Sabado, International Viewpoint)
Nov 27: Jonathan Steele- End of the US occupation of Iraq?
Nov 23: Chavez party wins 17 out of 22 states, but loses Caracas city hall and the country's biggest slum to the opposition
Nov 23: China winning cyber war, Congress warned (Guardian UK) - China now has the ability to disrupt US military operations worldwide
Nov 19: 100,00 on the streets in massive German school and university student strike (
Nov 17: Michael Lebowitz: Reach for the Book - it's a weapon (Links online magazine)
Nov 17: Chavez says meeting of G20 a "waste of time"
Nov 17: Chavez to host meeting of poorer nations on economic cricis
Nov 16: Slavoj Žižek - Use Your Illusions (LRB)
Nov 14: UP TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL - NARCO INFILTRATION IN FELIPE CALDERON'S GOVERNMENT: By Richard Ravelo (Proceso), translation by Kristin Bricker (Narcosphere).
Nov 14: Brazil: PSOL’s João Alfredo elected in Fortaleza - Alexandre Costa (IVP)
Nov 14: France's new anti-capitalist party shakes the left - a view from Catalonia: Josep María Antentas, Esther Vivas (IVP) Also: Video: Speech by Olivier Besancenot at the first meeting of the NPA, Paris 6 November
Nov 14: Toxic Capitalism - Michel Husson (International Viewpoint)
Nov 14: Proposition 8 in California - The Myth of a Black-Gay Divide (Sherry Wolf, ZNet)
Nov 14: Washington's Bailout of the Banks, a Trillion Dollar Crime Scene - Naomi Klein
Nov 10: Who are the Architects of Economic Collapse? - Michel Chossudovsky (Global Research)
Photo: Ernest Mandel site. Click on photo to visit
Nov 10: The legendary optimism of Ernest Mandel: a talk by Jan Willem Stutje to the Historical Materialism conference 8 -10 December 2007. Stutje is the author of the forthcoming biography of Mandel (Verso March 2009)

Nov 9: Election of Barack Obama - whose victory? Dan La Botz (ZNet)
Nov 9: Video: Richard Trumka - working people are angry
Nov 8: Obama and the Fall of the 'Silent Majority' - Frank Furedi (Spiked).
Nov 8: Crisis Theory - Root Causes of the Current Crisis - Charlie Post
Nov 8: Background briefing - Congo Resource Wars: Andrew G Marshall (Global Research)
Nov 8: Robert Fisk - Obama has to pay for eight years of Bush delusions
Nov 8: Francis Fukuyama - The Fall of America Inc. (Newsweek)The prophet of the 'end of history' explains the view among many in the US political. foreign policy and business elites that after the disastrous Bush years 'America Inc' needs a serious re-branding and Barack Obama is the person to do it.
Nov 8: Plan Mexico: Calderón's Endless War - Kristin Bricker (Left Turn US)
Nov 8: Oaxaca: Activists decry arrest of APPO members in Brad Will murder case (Upside Down World). See also The Rule of Impunity: Mexican Government Ignores Overwhelming Evidence, Charges Oaxacan Activists with Brad Will’s Murder (John Gibler, Indypendent)
Lenin (centre) with Trotsky (left) and Kamenev
Nov 8: Paul Le Blanc - Lenin for our time
Nov 7: Venezuela: ‘Our votes are for Chavez and the revolution’ - Frederico Fuentes interviews Stalin Perez Borges in the run-up to the November 23 elections (Links).
Nov 7: Capitalism has reached its limits - John Bellamy Foster (Green Left Weekly)
Nov 7: Capitalism in bankrupt, socialism is the only answer - Doug Lorimer (Direct Action)
Nov 7: David Harvey - The Right to the City (NLR)
Nov 7: Latin America New Left in Crisis as the Free Market Collapses - James Petras (Venezuelanalysis)
Nov 7: In crisis, Germans remember Das Kapital and GDR - Victor Grossman (MRZine)
Nov 7: The Geography of Accumulation - David Harvey interview (Minnesota Review)
Nov 7: The Unfolding Crisis and the relevance of Marx - István Mészáros
Nov 7: New link - Radical perspectives on the crisis
Nov 6: Barack Obama's Dual Legacy - Solidarity, US
Nov 6: Election Day in Harlem - Socialist Worker US
Nov 6: The new trough - the bailout profiteers - Naomi Klein
Nov 6: Understanding and responding to the crisis (pdf) - Solidarity, US
Nov 6: A bloody connection to the Congo in every pocket (ZD Net)
Nov 6: Congo-DR - Congo's mineral riches undermine peace prospects (FT)
19 October: How the rich are destroying the earth - Ian Angus reviews a new book by Herve Kempf
19 October: Smoke rises to reveal monster rise in unemployment - Will Hutton
19 October: UK economy 'already in recession'
19 October: Dutch abortion ship arrives in Spanish waters
16 October: Civilian dead are a trade-off in Nato's war of barbarity - Seumas Milne
16 October: South Africa - the liberation struggle's betrayal - John Pilger
15 October: New links - New Anti-Capitalist Party France (top of right column) and Read key newspaper articles from around the world at Press (bottom of left column)
15 October: 10 arrested in France for illegal spy plot against Olivier Besancenot
13 October: Against the modification of the EU's working time directive - Josep María Antentas, Esther Vivas (IVP)
13 October: Practising Marxist archaeology - Neil Faulkner reviews Randall H McGuire's Archaeology as Political Action (International Socialism)
12 Oct: A Crumbling Wall of Money - Financial Bricolage, Derivatives and Power (pdf 117 pages) - Nicholas Hildyard (the
12 Oct: The Wall Street Coup and the Bail-out Scam - Ismael Hossein-zadeh (MRzine)
12 Oct: William K. Tabb - Four Crises of the Contemporary World Capitalist System (Monthly Review)
12 October: Grain piles up in ports due to banking crisis (Financial Post, Canada)
10 Oct: International trade seizing up due to banking crisis (Naked Capitalism blog)
10 Oct: Secrets of Iraq's death chamber - Robert Fisk. "Prisoners are being summarily executed in the government's high-security detention centre in Baghdad"
10 Oct: John Bellamy Foster - can the financial crisis be reversed? (Links magazine)
10 Oct: Subprime Suspects - Daniel Gross
10 Oct: Dan La Botz - Financial crisis in Mexico
8 Oct: A death blow to privatisation: how the world financial crisis scuppered Berlin's plans for a private railway system (Der Spiegal)
8 Oct: America has essentially a one-party system - interview with Noam Chomsky (Der Spiegal online)
5 Oct: Walter Benn Michaels - Against Diversity (NLR)
5 Oct: Walden Bellow - A Primer on the Wall St Meltdown (Focus on the Global South)
4 Oct: Their Crisis, Our Consequences: is this what 1931 looks like? Charlie Post (Solidarity)
4 Oct: "If the US carries out terrorism, it didn't happen" - interview with Noam Chomsky
4 Oct: The God Question - Terry Eagleton (Aganst the Current)
4 Oct: Capitalist Crisis, Marx's Shadow - Rick Wolff (MRzine)
2 Oct: The current crisis - a socialist perspective: Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin
29 Sept: After Kemal - Perry Anderson on the curve of development of post-Attaturk Turkey (LRB)
29 Sept: Cityphilia - John Lanchester (LRB)
29 Sept: Ellen Meiksins Wood reviews Quinten Skinner's 'Hobbes and Republican Liberty' (LRB)
29 Sept: Dan La Botz - Nationalise the Banks?
28 Sept: Light on the left leads his comrades towards France's mainstream (New York Times)
28 Sept: Red postman knocks at Sarkozy's door (Times, London) 'Seldom have France’s opposition Socialists seemed in a more pitiful state. Overtaken long ago by the right, they were also being outflanked by the left last week as the public fell under the dubious spell of “the red postman”'.
28 Sept: Robert Fisk: Why does the US think it can win in Afghanistan?
28 Sept: Robert Fisk: Six years in Guantanamo
28 Sept: New coup d'etat rumblings in Venezuela
28 Sept: Villagers hand over suspect in Sally Grace case
28 Sept: Sally Grace - another US activist murdered in Oaxaca
23 Sept: Peter Camejo tribute, by Barry Sheppard (Word document)
21 Sept: Bolivia - a visit to a roadblack. Bolivia solidarity activist Steve Wagstaff, currently living in Cochabamba, outlines the brutal chaos of the right-wing offensive
21 Sept: 150 years after the Grundrisse, the importance of Marx - interview with Eric Hobsbawm
21 Sept: Eric Toussaint - A new debt crisis of the third world?
21 Sept: Immanuel Wallerstein - Georgia, The New World Geopolitical Order: End of Act I
20 Sept: Hurricane management in Cuba - Cuba was the only country with no loss of life as a result of being hit by Hurricane Gustavo. Widespread material damage however could not be avoided. By Salim Lamrani.
20 Sept: To Die For - Mark Thomas on death squad threats to union organisers at Colombia's Coca Cola bottling plants
20 Sept: VIDEO - Mass arrests of peaceful demonstrators at the Republican convention (AlterNet)
19 Sept: New on the embedded video page - Pakistan on the flightpath of American power
19 Sept: Tariq Ali - Asif Ali Zadari: the Godfather as president of Pakistan
19 September: Tariq Ali - War widens to Pakistan
19 Sept: Seumas Milne - The political class can't face up to the scale of this crisis
19 Sept: Lance Selfa - Can the Left take over the Democratic Party? (ISJ)
19 Sept: Forrest Hylton: Reactionary rampage in Bolvia
17 Sept: Crunch Time for Capitalism - British leftists and others give their views
17 Sept: The Machine Gun and The Meeting Table: Bolivian Crisis in a New South America - Ben Dangl (Upside Down World)
16 Sept: Gilbert Achcar - A balance sheet of US imperialism
15 Sept: Morales calls unrest an attempted coup
14 Sept: Death toll in Bolvian fighting reaches 28 (BBC)
14 Sept: As reactionary coup unfolds, solidarity is needed! (Jorge Martin IDOF)
14 Sept: Soldiers hunt rebel governor in Bolivia unrest
14 Sept: Evo Morales denounces "fascist, racist coup"
14 Sept: Fascist Violence in Bolivia - an eyewitness report
14 Sept: "Socialist reforms or death" says Morales
14 Sept: A coup in the making? - Jeff Webber, New Socialist
14 Sept: US envoy expelled for backing Bolivian rebels
14 Sept: Evo Morales denounces massacre of peasants by right-wing rebels
Death of Peter Camejo
14 September: Louis Proyect - Reflections on Peter Camejo (1939-2008)
14 September: Peter Camejo dies (SF Gate)
12 September: Anti-Chavez coup plot exposed
12 September: Venezuela expels US ambassador (Al Jezeera)
11 September: Peter Gowan - Twilight of the Non-Proliferation Treaty? (NLR)
11 September: Celia Hart, a personal tribute - Liam Mac Uaid
11 September: Ructions in British SWP over Respect/Left Alternative
6 September: Tijuana - Empire's Slum (Rocky Neptun, Indybay)
6 September: Myths of Male Dominance - Ealeanor Burke Leacock
6 September: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Phase 2 of the Financial Crisis - Jack Rasmus, ZMag.-> Get this as a pdf without illustrations
6 September: NATO tries to cover up Afghanistan massacres - Socialist Worker, UK
6 September: Half measures and tinkering don't make a recovery plan - Seumas Milne
6 September: Naomi Klein - Obama got Hurricane Gustav wrong
3 September: Demystifying Obama - Paul Street (Znet Book interview)
3 September: Applying Leninism in a Time of Retreat - Mary Scully (Socialist Democracy)
1 September: Bolivia: Two years of post neo-liberal nationalist development - by the Bolpress editorial board, translation by Sean Seymour Jones, Links
1 September: Development and Desert - Border Land Struggle Turns Bloody In Cuidad Juarez (Karl Lydersen, Upside Down World)
1 September: New on the embedded videos page - John Mearsheimer on Iraq, the Neocons and the Israel Lobby
31 August: Mass marches in Mexico protest crime epidemic - "I think the first thing that needs to be done is a clean-up of the police. Because everyone knows that they are the ones who commit the crimes. Even the chiefs are involved, because there's a lot of impunity, the law is not observed and there's corruption everywhere." Fernanda Solis, whose son was murdered three years go.
31 August: China's Pyrrhic Olympic Victory - Boris Kagarlitsky. "The new Asian capitalism, marching forward under red Communist Party banners, has combined the most abhorrent elements of both systems -- the harsh, one-party dictatorship coupled with the blind and equally harsh pursuit of profit at any cost, which includes widespread violations of workers' rights."
31 August: Russia's upside in Georgian conflict - Boris Kagarlitsky
31 August: Robert Fisk - Why do we keep letting politicians get away with lies?
31 August: Manufactured famine: how Europe steals food from the poor - George Monbiot
30 August: New Video page. This site features an increasing number of embedded videos, but they are scattered over the site. For convenience they will gradually be assembled at the new video page
30 August: Video: The New Left in China - Minqi Li (Real News Network)
30 August: Afghanistan: Mirage of the 'Good War' - Tariq Ali (NLR)
30 August: War resister sentenced to 15 months in US - Sarah Lazre, ZNet . See also video: Canada refuses to allow war resister to stay
29 August: Video - Conversations with history, Perry Anderson interview: see transcript here
24 August: How Globalisation Works - Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas (TMMTX) -- A Case Study by Richard D. Vogel
24 August: Bolivia - right wing rebellion spurs left offensive (Frederico Fuentes, GLW)
24 August: Morales sends troops to guard oil and gas installations (AFP)
24 August: Bolvia split in two as wealthy aim to defy Morales revolution (Observer UK)
24 August: Land and Freedom - Kashmir is in crisis: the region's Muslims are mounting huge non-violent protests against the Indian government's rule. But, asks Arundhati Roy, what would independence for the territory mean for its people?
24 August: Book Review - Rethinking Venezuelan Politics:
Class, Conflict, and the Chavez Phenomenon
by Steve Ellner (Boulder and London: Lynne Rienner, 2008)
Reviewed by Kim Scipes (Venezuelanalysis)
24 August: Past its Peak: Michael Klare on the oil crisis (LRB)
24 August: Kick Over the Scenery: Stephen Burt on Philip K. Dick (LRB)
23 August: Food riots, anger as floods sweep South Asia (Reuters)
23 August: Why we need to talk about...toilets. Maggie Black on the international sanitation crisis (NI)
23 August: End Game in the Amazon - Ecuadorian leader Rafael Correa has said that his government is prepared not to extract nearly a billion barrels of oil from Yasuní National Park - Vanessa Baird, New Internationalist
23 August: Hugo Chavez bashes CEMEX after nationalisation - Mexican cement giant CEMEX is challenging the nationalisation of their Venezuelan subsidiary (Associated Press)
23 August: Left gaining momentum in El Salvador (Alby Dallas, Green Left Weekly)
23 August: Does 'Sex and the City' represent women's liberation? - Virginia Brown, Direct Action
23 August: Video - Murray river crisis threatens Australian wetlands
23 August: Water mafias put stranglehold on public water supply - National Geographic
23 August: Michael Moore dare to ask: What's so heroic about being shot down while bombing innocent civilians?
23 August: Gus Horowitz talk on the American SWP 1960-80 (pdf)
23 August - The Economics of a New Cold War (Newsweek)
23 August: Miliband means more of the same, Labour needs change - Seumas Milne
17 August: US holding thousands of prisoners with alleged terror ties in Iraq - Basil Adas, Alternet
17 August: Has working class consciousness collapsed? Phil Hearse
15 August: This is a tale of US expansion not Russian aggression - Seumas Milne
15 August: As economic troubles bite, Italian holidaymakers are turning against the super-rich. It's about time.
13 August: Huge stakes in Caucuses War - Sungur Savran (MRzine)
13 August: War in the Caucasus: Towards a Broader Russia-US Military Confrontation? - Michael Chossudovsky

Click on image to go to video on BBC News
13 August: Evo Morales wins critical vote (text, audio, video) - Democracy Now interview with Jim Shultz, executive director of the Democracy Center in Cochabamba, Bolivia.
13 August: Evo Morales promises constitutional change after rewferendum victory: see also Bolivia remains bitterly divided despite morales poll win
7 August: New on the Ecosocialism page - Why the Flooding Worsens, CS Monitor
7 August: Video - István Mészáros: The New Crisis of Capitalism
6 August: Daniel Miller - Sterilizing Cyberspace (NLR)
6 August - Hiroshima Day: John Pilger "The lies about Hiroshima live on 63 years after the bombing"
6 August: Stefan Collini - Re-assessing Raymond Williams (LRB)
6 August: Putin and capitalism in One State - Boris Kagarlitsky
5 August: Idle Dreams of 'Creative Capitalism' : Bill Gates' plan to solve world poverty - Phil Hearse
4 August: Company that led torture training for Mexico police is Risks Incorporated of Miami - Kristen Bricker, Narcosphere
4 August: The Historical Significance of the Cochabamba Factory Workers Strike - Oscar Olivera
3 August: The Bitter Truth behind the Olympics - Phil Hearse
3 August: Miliband, Labour and the British Crisis - Phil Hearse
2 August: Gary McKinnon extradition - America's cracked code (Duncan Campbell, Guardian UK)

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