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Updates and Features
Articles from August-December 2008 are now in archive 16 (left column). Embedded videos may not work with Opera, try Firefox or Flock.
Jan 17: Bolivia follows Venezuelan example and breaks off diplomatic ties with Israel
Jan 12: Video - Daniel Bensaïd: "In Germany I would probably be a member of Die Linke...but in France we are not obliged to go through the Die Linke stage" (Daily Motion, in French, download starts when yellow line appears left).

Video: George Galloway at Stop Gaza Massacres rally, London, 8/01/09
Video: Tariq Ali at Stop Gaza Massacres rally, London, 8/01/09
Video: John Rees at Stop Gaza Massacres demonstration 3/01/09
Annie Lennox: Stop Gaza Massacres rally 3 January 2008
Jan 10: Demonstrations in 80 French towns and cities against Gaza war (Europe 1)
Jan 9: Robert Fisk: "Israel opens the gates of Hell in Gaza" (independent)


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