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Updates and Features
28 July: Notes towards a new vision of the workers movement in Mexico - Jorge Robles (New Politics)
26 July: China: End of a Model...or Birth of a New One? - Au loong Yu (New Politics)
26 July: Class Struggle in Post-Soviet Russia - Boris Kagarlitsky (New Politics)
25 July: Capitalism - a Love Story. New movie from Michael Moore due October 2009. See information on the Movies and Documentaries page, click here
23 July - Vestas Occupation - a fight for jobs and the planet: the occupation site
23 July: The Crisis of the Left in Contemporary South Africa - Dale T. McKinley (Links)
23 July: Drought and agribusiness threaten Australia's biggest river system - Renfrey Clarke (Links)
23 July: People stand up to oligarchy and imperialism - FI declaration on Honduras
23 July: Massacre of indigenous people in Peru - Hugo Blanco
21 July: Time, Acceleration, Climate Change and Crisis - Thadeus Pato (IV)
21 July: The tragedy of the Left's discourse on Iran: James Petras, Slavoj Žižek and MRzine under fire - Saeed Rahnema (Znet via IVP)
21 July: Sexual Politics in Modern Iran - a dialogue between between Nawal el Saadawi and Janet Afary (MRzine)
21 July: Socialism 2009 Conference: Is this their time? - Erik Strand, Seattle examiner
21 July: Uighur Uprising - The City at the Empire'es edge (Nick Holdstock Eurozine)
18 July: Farooq Tariq - Facing the Musharraf Dictatorship (book pdf 327 pages, free download)
17 July: Afghanistan - BBC has abandoned any attempt at objectivity - Seumas Milne (Guardian Comment is Free)
17 July: How Angelina, Bono, Gisele and Madonna Are Destroying the Planet - Vanessa Richmond (the Tyee via Alternet)
17 July: Oaxaca court condemns innocent APPO activist for murder of Brad Will
17 July: Day 19: Peaceful Blockades vs. Coup Paralyze Honduras - Al Giordino, Narco News
17 July: Honduras coup - made in Washington, Eva Golinger (MRzine)
17 July: Photo essay - Army shoots and kills protesters in Honduras (
17 July: Back to the Future - the PRI's decisive political victory in the Mexico July 5 mid-term elections - Dan La Botz (MRzine)
17 July: Slavoj Žižek - Berlusconi in Tehran (LRB)
17 July: Tariq Ali - Pakistan diary: it's never been so bad here (LRB)
16 July: How should the Left relate to Obama? - Charlie Post
15 July: Video - Seumas Milne: Afghanistan, the War and the Media

Photo: Ireland Indymedia
13 July: Iran - regime crisis and popular upruge- why the international left must back the rebellion, not the regime - Babak Kia (IV)
13 July: Death in the Dorms - Iranian students recall horrors of police invasion
12 July: Destiny of a Revolutionary - Phil Hearse reviews a biography of Ernest Mandel
12 July: Leo Panitch - Peter Gowan: In Memoriam (Transnational Institute)
5 July: Re-Arming the Left in England and Wales - document adopted by the Socialist Resistance Conference, 4/7/09
5 July: Fears for the world's poor countries as the rich grab land to grow food - John Vidal (Guardian UK)
5 July : Agriculture and Food in Crisis - Fred Magdoff and Brian Tokar (Monthly Review)
5 July: Food Wars - Walden Bello (Focus on the Global South)
5 July: 467,000 US jobs lost in June - Dean Baker (MRzine)
3 July: Ben Dangl - Showdown in Honduras (Znet)
30 June: Mexican news agency claims Honduras leftist leader killed by military
June 29: Day 2 of the coup in Hnduras - Al Giordano (Narco News) Other Narco News resources here
June 29: An old Honduran coup on a different stage (Michael Fox, Upside Down World)
June 29: Obama's first coup - Venezuelanalysis updates
June 29: Socialist Resistance and Green Left sponsor climate change conference, September 12
June 29: Socialist Party reply to SWP's election unity call
June 28: Federal election manifesto of the German Left Party (Factbox)
June 27: John Pilger - The smile on the face of the Tiger
June 27: The missing split in the German Left Party - Victor Grossman (Znat)
June 27: Terry Eagleton - Culture and Socialism (International Socialism)

Stonewall Inn June 1969
June 27: Peter Tatchell on the 40th anniversary of Stonewall uprising - Our Lost Gay Radicalism
June 27: A fight for the Amazon that should inspire the world (Johann Hari, Independent UK via Climate and Capitalism)
June 27: Iran - Will the Cat above the Precipice fall down? - Slavoj Zizek
June 27: The Winding paths of Capital - David Harvey interviews Giovanni Arrighi, who died on 18 June (NLR)
June 25: Seumas Milne on the Lindsey dispute and the continued power of working class solidarity
June 23: Iran between revolt and repression - Lee Sustar (Socialist Worker US)
June 21: Iran Protests Live - Guardian UK page that updates on a minute-by-minute basis; text and videos
June 21: Robert Fisk: The Battle for the Islamic Republic - Iran's Supreme Leader and its officially elected president are terrified by the spectre of counter-revolution (Independent on Sunday)
June 21: George Monbiot - Outsourcing Unrest. The author explains how the decline of British imperialism has undermined the elite's system of rule
June 17: Asia - Land Grabs Threaten Food Security (IRIN Phnom Penh)
June 17: South Africa political balance shifts left, but not enough to quell grassroots anger - Patrick Bond, MRzine
June 17: Chinese Communist Party goes after fat cats - Wieland Wagner (der Spiegal international edition)
June 16: Peter Gowan writings
June 16: Remembering Peter Gowan - Phil Hearse
June 15: "We are fighting for our lives and our dignity": Indigenous people worldwide under attack - John Vidal, Guardian UK
June 10: Peru, battle lines drawn over the Amazon - bloody repression of indigenous protest by Alan Garcia's government: Ben Powless,
June 9: SWP Open Letter calls for unity to fight fascism and the right
June 9: Leo Panitch - Thoroughly Modern Marx (text) (Foreign Policy Magazine)
June 8: Bob Crow and No2EU call for unity to defeat the BNP
June 8: If this doesn't wake up the British left, absolutely nothing will - Phil Hearse
June 6: 20 years after the Tiananmen Square massacre - 15 dramatic pictures kept secret until now: Guardian UK photostream
June 6: To school, for reading classes with Karl Marx and Che Guevara
June 6: Constantin Costa-Gavras - 'Z' 40 years on, interviewed by John Esther (Znet)
June 6: Jack Jones: no friend of the trade union left - obituary by Alan Thornett (Socialist Resistance)
June 6: Capitalism profitis wile Australia burns - Allen Myers (Socialist Resistance)
June 6: A brief history of the radical right: how race hate groups joined up with anti-abortion terrorists - James Ridgeway (Mother Jones)
June 6: Is France on the verge of a new May '68? - Andrew Hussey (New Statesman)
June 6: Voices from the Salvadorean Left: interview with members of the Frente Universitario Roque Dalton (Upside Down World)
June 5: New Labour - When putsch comes to shove (Seumas Milne - Guardian UK)
June 2: Latin America's pro-capitalist elite hold anti-Chavez conference in Venezuela
June 2: Who ordered the construction of the Berlin wall? - Klaus Wiegrefe, der Spiegal
June 1: VIDEO: THOROUGHLY MODERN MARX - Leo Panitch on the Real News Network
June 1: World Farmers' Alliance Challenges Food Profiteers - John Riddell reviews a new book on Via Campesina (Socialist Voice)
May 31: How to begin from the beginning - Slavoj Zizek (NLR)
May 31: Torture, Secrecy and the British State - Gareth Pierce, LRB
May 31: Scottish Socialist Party election broadcast - Make Greed History
May 31: Britain, the depth of corruption (John Pilger, New Statesman)
May 31: The real expenses scandal - George Monbiot (Guardian va Znet)
May 31: After Iraq, it's not only North Korea that wants a bomb - Seumas Milne (Guardian UK)
May 25: Crisis of capitlaism vs 'crisis' of Marxism, Arindam Sen (Liberation, India)
May 25: Farooq Tariq, Tariq Ali - Help fight against Taliban and Pakistani government military operations (IV)
May 25: May Day, the Athens 2009 Sequel - Nikos Raptis (Znet)
May 25: Video, the Ecological Revolution, John Bellamy Foster
May 25: The Ecological Revolution - John Bellamy Foster, book excerpt, Links
May 25: Video - Massive casualties feared in military attack on Nigerian Delta See also Patrick Bond, Shell on trial while Nigerian civilians slaughtered (Znet)
May 25: Why unfettered capitalism is bad for your diet - Paula Crossfield (Huffington Post via Alternet)
May 25: US Neocon Colonel calls for military attacks on 'partisan media' - Jeremy Scahill (Alternet)
May 25: Capitalism in Wonderland - Richard York, Brett Clark and John Bellamy Foster (Monthly Review)
May 25: Nobody in Washington knows what the Afghanistan war aim actually is - Tariq Ali (MRZine)
May 25: If Obama cedes ground to Cheney on torture we'll all pay a heavy price - Gary Younge (Guardian UK)
May 25: Ken Loach - make the interests of ordinary people come first (MR Zine)
May 22: Bonfire of the Vanities, New Labour's Collapse in Britain - Phil Hearse
May 16: MPs expenses scam: a product of Labour's get rich, ideology-lite culture - Seumas Milne
May 14: Der Spiegal interview with Die Linke's Oskar Lafontaine - "We want to overthrow capitalism"
May 13: Obama blocks release of images showing prisoner abuse by US military
May 13: Italy: An "inverterbrate left" approaches the European elections - Cinzia Arruzzo (IVP)
May 11: Plan Mexico: Uphill Battle will continue against failed model
May 11: A historic day for Iraq - Robert Fisk (Independent)
May 11: Eric Toussaint and Damien Millet - Why is famine rampant in the 21st century and how can it be eliminated?
May 11: Tristram Hunt - How Engels' polemic against injustice resonates 150 years after it was written (Guardian UK)
May 11: David Harvey - A Brief History of Neoliberalism (Book, pdf)

May 6: Catherine Samary - Economic and Social Crisis in Western and Eastern Europe (International Viewpoint). Since the collapse of 'Communism' Eastern Europe has been presented as a 'success story. Now the crisis is sending growth into reverse and exposing those claims.

May 5: Three years after the Mexican state's savage attack - freedom for the prisoners and kidnapped of Atenco!>>watch video of the assualt here
May 5: Photos and videos of the commemoration and demonstration in Atenco, 4 May 2009
May 3: Alan McCombes - No2EU, Little Britain politics and the left (Links)
May 3: Video: Joel Kovel - Understanding the roots of the Israel-Palestinian conflict
May 3: Vive la Revolution? - Marc Perelman (The Nation)
May 3: How the NAFTA flu exploded - Al Giordano
May 3: Mexican swine flu and the globalisation of disease - Laura Carlsen
May 1: May Day demonstrations worldwide - click here for reports

Gaza City

April 27: THE MEATRIX: How Moopheus predicted an epidemic caused by industrial farming


Nancy Davis
cgil RALLY april 4 Rome

David Harvey: The Crisis
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 Slavoj Žižek - What does it mean to be a revolutionary today? Marxism 2009
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