Archive 2

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Mike Davis: Planet of Slums (NLR)
NEW LINK: Lula Year 2, Deepening Neoliberalism - James Petras
New Link on Documents Page: Pierre Frank, The Long March of the Trotskyists (book)
New Link: Audio files of Malcolm X speeches (Malcolm X Research Site)
NORM DIXON: The Day after Tomorrow, the truth behind the movie (GLW)
New at the Rebelion site - James Petras on  capitalist 'normalisation' in Argentina
Illusions of Empire: Bashir Abu-Manneh takes on Negri and Hardt (MR)
Silencing the Cells - Mass Incarceration and Legal Repression in US prisons. Richard D. Vogel
New Link: Materialism and the 'Makability' of the World by Joost Kircz (IIRE Working Paper - PDF format)
Documents from the Havana Marx  conference
BASE IMPERIALISM - Chalmers Johnson on the spread of US military bases
Change the World Without Taking Power? 
JAMES PETRAS - a Marxist Critique of Post-Marxism (from Links)
Bolivian Insurrection
French IST group joins LCR

1) Sarajevo on the Euphrates - Inside the Fullaja Seige - eyewitness account
2) Massacre of Civilians in Falluja - eyewitness account
3) Death of Paul Sweezy
4) Spain: Pro-US Coalition in Crisis as War and Bombing Bring Down Aznar
5) Greek elections - Left results
6) New at Monthly review: Rice Imperialism, the Threat to Third World Production, by Matthew Clement
7) The BBC - A Crisis for British Democracy
8) New Left Review: Qin Hui on contemporary China
9) New at Monthly Review: A Precarious Existence, the Fate of Billions? by Fred Magdoff
10) NEW LINK: The 'May Days' of 1937 in Barcelona - Pierre Broue
11) Perspectives for the French Left: Le Monde's 2-page account of public debate including SP, CP, LCR etc. Only in French
12) Indonesian PRD launches election campaign
13) European Anti-Capitalist Left Prepares for Battle
14) 'New Internationalist' off the Rails
15) Albert Einstein on Socialism
16) Emergence: Self-Organisation and Systems Theory
17) Imre Lakatos on Scientific Method
18) New postings from December/ January and February issues of International Viewpoint
19) Peter Gowan: UN: US (from New Left Review)
20) Fighting the BNP
21) New Left Review: Fear and Loathing in Globalization Frederic Jameson on Cyberpunk founder William Gibson
Frederic Jameson William Gibson
22) NEW ON DOCUMENTS PAGE:  Lukacs - History and Class Consciousness: Gramsci - The Revolution Against 'Capital'.
23) Brazilian Socialists Expelled from PT (4 documents)