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Jan 13: Seamus Milne: This election could plunge Iraq further into the abyss
Jan 13: John Pilger: The Other Tsunami
Jan 6: James Petras replies to Saramango on Colombia and Farc/ELN
Jan 5: FARC says international representative was kidnapped in Venezuela with collobaration of US and Venezuelan police officers
Jan 5: The Mire of Death, Lies and Atrocities - Robert Fisk on Iraq 2004 (text or streaming video)
Jan 3: Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution Continues (
Dec 20: Michael Liebowitz, The Knowledge of a Better World
Dec 17: Neal Ascherson reviews the new edition of the Deutscher Trotsky trilogy
Dec 10: New Link - - global action database
Dec 10: Sign the petition for the workers of Zanon
Dec 8: Frank Slegers and Alex Callinicos debate the future of the European Social Forum
Dec 6: Michel Warschawski: The New Israel (MR)
Dec 6: Empire of Barbarism (MR)
Dec 6: James Petras on Venezuala
Dec 6: Poor women ensured Chavez referendum victory (from Women's eNews)
Dec 3: Philippines Massacre Provokes Mass Protest (GLW)
Dec 3: In the Rubble of Fallujah
Dec 2: US Military Counter-Insurgency Document: About the document 182-page pdf file
Dec 1: Napalm in Fallujah
Dec 1: Naomi Klein - Kerry and the Gift of Impunity
Dec 1: Ottawa Protesters Greet Bush
NOV 29: WHOSE VIOLENCE? - Leo Panitch (Word document)
Nov 25: >>Peter Gowan wrote this article in 1997, but it tells you everything you need to know about the real background to the events in Ukraine.
NOV 25: Turning Back the Clock? Women, Work and the Family Today (ISR-US)
NOV 24: Soviet Collapse - A Cuban View (English and Spanish)
Nov 18: If the US can't fix it, it's the wrong kind of democracy
Nov 18: All-out fighting in Mosul as insurgency spreads
Nov 12: Fallujah: Green Left Weekly's 'Fallujah from the Other Side' Page
Nov 12: Fierce fighting continues in Fallujah
Nov 12: Arrest of Mordechai Vanunu
Nov 9: John Holloway speech at London Social Forum
Nov 8 : Venezuela after the Referendum: Marta Harnecker
Nov 8: Samir Amin, US Imperialism, Europe and the Middle East (MR)
Nov 3: David Harvey: Neoliberalism and the Restoration of Class Power (Word Document)
>>Nov 3: Ralph Nader statement on Bush re-election
>>Venezuela: Pro-Chavez Forces Sweep Regional Elections (1/11/04)
>>Francois Sabado: Can We Change Society Without taking Power? (Word document) 31/10/04
>>New on the Marxist Links Page: European Marxist Links 30/10/04
>>New on the Marxist Links Page: Socialist Project 30/10/04
>>IRAQ: Is the Empire Being Defeated?
>> Alexander Cockburn: ANYONE BUT BUSH? (NLR- 27.10.04)
>>Jonah Gindin: Popular Democracy in Venezuela? (11.10.04)
>>European Social Forum: Call of the Social Movements (17.10.04)
>>Ernest Tate: The Transition in Russia (30.09.04)
Robert Fisk: The Worse the Situation in Iraq, the Bigger the Lies that Tony Blair Tells Us
Vice Presidential candidate Peter Camejo interviewed
FULL AGENDA: 'Historical Materialism'/Socialist Register pre-ESF conference
Right Wing England - The Social and Political Base of UKIP
Arundathi Roy: Public Power in the Age of Empire  
Revolution Comes to the EU parliament. Alain Krivine and Roseline Achetta give an account of 5 years hard labour  
Subverting Democracy: Jonah Gindin explains how the opposition attempted to subvert democracy aided by the international news media - and how Human Rights Watch fell for the reactionary campaign
Referendum and Revolution in Venezuela
US support for anti-Chavez forces
Tariq Ali: You can't change the world without taking power
Murray Smith replies to Alex Callinicos on the broad mass party
Russia: Union Messenger July issue
New Internationalist on 'the Trots'
Niall Ferguson's latest pro-imperialist rant zapped
IRAQ CRISIS : Who is Involved in the Torture? - Robert Fisk   | Read the shocking Denver Post story of torture deaths in custody Military Crisis and Empire | Walden Bello: Fallujah is the Making of a New Iraq | The US and the Shia's - US Military Discussion Document| Seamus Milne on Iraq and the Forgotten Lessons of Empire  | Robert Fisk: Warmongers have just one answer to critics - "shut up" | Latest Iraq news from  from Al-Jazeerah